Making the Most of Word Walls

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Hey y'all! We all know how important vocabulary instruction is to our students' reading ability and comprehension. But how can you make the most of vocabulary words and best utilize the space in your classroom? Word wall vocabulary cards are an excellent start.

In our class, we post our new vocabulary words on our focus wall along with our objectives, and then move them over to our word wall as we become more comfortable with them.

Vocabulary instruction happens across the subject areas, but we tend to focus our word walls on sight words only. Are we doing our students justice? By utilizing our word walls to include vocabulary, we can get the most bang for our buck.

Each set has over 180 vocabulary cards and covers topics from grades kindergarten to 5th. Every card has the word, definition, and either a picture or written example depending on the content.

Math cards cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, time, money, decimals, shapes, and so much more.

Reading cards cover sequence of events, point of view, the "Five W's," genre, the writing process, parts of speech, grammar, figurative language, and more!

And science cards include tools used, weather, plants, matter, seasons, planets, senses, land and water formations, soil, rocks, force and motion, habitats, animal lifecycles, and more.

The possibilities are endless when you think about it. Yes, you could use them for your focus wall and word wall, but also for handwriting practice, spelling practice, quiz-quiz-trade games, "Headbandz" games, partner talk, Pictionary review games and more.

For more information, you can check them all out here. They even come in a neat and tidy bundle so you're set from the get-go. Social studies cards will be coming soon and added to the bundle, so stay tuned.

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