Sweet Sundays

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There's nothing like Sunday mornings, is there? Drinking coffee slowly. Enjoying the quiet. Time to eat a decent breakfast and scroll through your social media feed. Ah...so relaxing. 

Unless you have small children you are trying to dress for church. Then all bets are off. Cereal stuck to your butt on the way into the service? Yep, been there. Parents of young children are tough!

Teaching, parenting, and adulting are hard. But you don't have to do it alone! I'm here to help! This school year, my plan is to bring you a sweet series of wonderful tips, tricks, and resources (yes, freebies!) that you can use in your classroom. 

As we gear up for back to school season, I'll be sharing some ideas to get you off on the right track, as well as a SWEET giveaway from my friends over at Creative Teaching Press. You'll have the chance to win the Woodland Friends classroom decor pack—all of it! (And there is a lot!)

In order to win, just look for the giveaway announcement in my classroom reveal. (It'll be right around the corner.) Tell your friends and colleagues so they can get in on the action, too. :)

For now, let me leave you with a trick I learned a couple years ago:

No matter what I did, my firsties always had something they HAD to tell me during reading or math groups. I could NOT get through a group without an interruption no matter how much training we went through. (Can you say, "Impulse control?")

So we started using help cards. When my littles had something they really had to tell me, they could lay their card down on the small group table and know that I would check in with them as soon as I could.

GAME CHANGER! No more interruptions and they still got to tell me everything! (And they did tell me everything.)

If you'd like to try them this year, you can grab them in my store here. They're free so download away!

For more great ideas, freebies, and giveaways, look for this series on Sundays, and stay tuned for the classroom reveal and Creative Teaching Press contest in August. Have a wonderful Sunday!


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