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Hey, y'all! Are you ready for Texas Independence Day? It's March 2nd, which, if you teach primary grades, you know is also Dr. Seuss's birthday. This can make scheduling challenging, but we usually do a week of Dr. Seuss and a week or two of Texas history and rodeo stuff. That, of course, makes March the most fun EVER! 

I love integrating social studies and science into reading and math as much as possible  (#worksmarternotharder) and our Texas unit is no exception. 

One of my FAVORITE activities with my kinders and firsties is write the room. They LOVE roaming the room finding Texas symbols and using the pocket chart to put them in ABC order

My Texas Our Texas unit is full of resources for engaging centers and writing about Texas. I love having a word wall of the state's symbols in the writing area of our classroom. My littles use them to help them write their stories during literacy centers. 

And word puzzles and I-Spys are perfect for word work!

Fine motor skills are tricky in lower grades. I like to help them work on these skills by doing some torn paper activities. During Texas and rodeo week, we make a Texas flag by tearing paper and gluing it on a flag template. When they're all finished, they make an amazing bulletin board display.

This is also the time of year where we do a lot of poetry (remember that Dr. Seuss week we were just talking about?). I like to show my littles how we can write poetry about other things and they don't always have to rhyme. We usually do a few whole group examples before having the kids do their own. There are several poetry options in my Texas Our Texas unit, but this is one of my favorites.

To get the whole bundle of resources, click here. 

For math, Laura over at Down River Resources has the most amazing number puzzles for primary grades. Counting on from any number can be a challenge for little learners. I love her puzzles because, not only do they have Texas symbols and themes, they also have a recording sheet! That way, I know if my littles a did it correctly and they can practice writing the numbers in order on their recording sheets. 

She also has a counting backwards set of puzzles. That counting backwards is tricky, y'all. Every year, we practice that to no end. This set also has a recording sheet and both sets have an English and Spanish version of the recording page. Each set has 10 number puzzles.

In keeping with increasing fine motor, I also love these counting clip cards. Students count the cards and put a clothespin on the correct quantity.

There's also a recording sheet that goes with it which is great for accountability during center time. I  like using the recording sheet for our interactive math notebooks. It's a great way to reinforce what we're doing in our centers with our math journals.

To get all of these resources in one place, check out the amazing bundle here.

Whew! That was long. I hope you got some great ideas from this post and I hope you have a fabulous week!

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  1. Rachael, I am so so so happy to hear that this bundle has helped you. I am looking forward to our Texas unit! <3 P.S. I am happy to know counting backwards is tricky for your students too. #astronautsneedtostartat20


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