March Madness (and a freebie!)

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Can you believe March is right around the corner?! Didn't we JUST celebrate New Years?! Well, even though this year is flying by, I absolutely love the spring. The kids are more independent, routines are well established, and the classroom just buzzes along like a little family. #happyclassroom

One of my favorite things to do in the spring is watch the kids play baseball. My son plays every year and so do half the kids in my class. What better way to keep them engaged than with baseball math centers? There are units for kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade

The kindergarten unit covers skills including number recognition, addition to 12, subtraction within 10, graphing, number sequencing, non-standard measurement, skip counting, and comparing numbers. My littles love roll and cover games and they are SO EASY  to setup. All you need a couple of dice and some mini erasers, cubes, or color tiles for game pieces. Students add the sum of their dice and cover the matching number on their game board. They can even play alone or with a partner. 

Before and after number sequencing is a challenge every year. Get your littles motivated to practice with these baseball sequencing cards. You can laminate them and have students write on the cards themselves with dry erase markers, or have them write on the recording sheet. 

And what kid doesn't love to spin something? Teach your kinders how to graph with spin and graph cards. There are three graphing choices in the kindergarten unit. 

My first graders absolutely LOVED their baseball centers. Skills covered in this unit are telling time to the hour, adding 2 and 3 numbers together, base ten number comparisons, subtraction within 20, non-standard measurement, coin identification, number bonds, missing numbers, graphing, and adding on 10. For non-standard measurement, you could use paper clips, color tiles, cubes, or mini erasers. Who doesn't love mini-erasers?

Number sequencing is huge in primary grades right now. Right up there with mini erasers. Students pick a card and write in the numbers, including the missing number, on their recording sheet. Super simple, but effective and engaging. :) 

Do your firsties struggle with number bonds? Help them strike a home run with baseball number bonds. Students add the numbers at 1st and 3rd to equal the home score. Missing addends are included. 

The second grade unit includes addition and subtraction with regrouping, comparing three digit numbers, telling time to the quarter hour, standard measurement, adding US coins, 10 more/10 less, skip counting, and writing numbers in expanded and standard form. All of these centers are LOW PREP. Just print, laminate, and go. 

Whew! That was a long post! For staying with me, grab this write the room freebie in my store. It's perfect for kindergarten and 1st grade. 

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