Five for Friday (10/14/16)


Does anybody else feel like September and October are the hardest months of teaching? There is just so much to do! But I stole a few minutes to share what's been going on 'round here. 

Last weekend was our school's fall carnival. We had an amazing turn out. Seriously, we sold out of pumpkins and families were there all. day. long. So was I. But the weather was absolutely beautiful and I dragged my middle schooler up there with me to work the class booth. It was so much fun and more than half my class was there at one time or another.

Our OCD kicked in at one point and we had to organize the prizes by color. Cause why would they be mixed? 

So this week, we're learning about rounding. I've never taught rounding before. And I was observed teaching it on day two. Luckily all went well. But my kids need more practice. A lot more practice. So I made a Rounding Scoot Game. You can grab a copy here. I love getting my kids up and moving during math and this was a great solution. 

We started descriptive writing this week with a little help from the Clutter-Free Classroom. We cut open a pumpkin on Tuesday and described it inside and out. What is it about cutting open a pumpkin that makes kids so excited?! They absolutely loved describing their pumpkins, sniffing it, and squishing the insides. It was awesome, but I totally forgot to get a picture of all the excitement. 

Next week, we're taking a field trip to see the Kokanee Salmon up in Lake Tahoe. I've never been to this part of the lake before so I'm probably just as excited as the kids! Before we go, though, we have to learn a few things about the Kokanee. And bears. And what to do if we see a bear. (Do not run and scream. I repeat, do NOT run and scream.)

There are lots of resources available about salmon, but not so many about this variety. It's different because it's landlocked and is found almost exclusively to this area. So I've been creating. A lot.

We've been watching the new Class Dojo videos the last two weeks and they are amazing! If you haven't checked them out yet, get on it! This series is about empathy, something we can all work on. 

Thanks for stopping by! Now head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday fun.

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