Five for Friday (9/2/16)


Happy Friday, y'all! Can you BELIEVE it's SEPTEMBER! That's just crazy. Today is the end of our 2nd full week of school and the days are already flying by. I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share what we've been up to the last two weeks. 

August 22nd was our first day of school. We had a jam-packed, fun-filled day and it was one of the best first days I've ever had. I must have made an impression on them 'cause one of my kiddos wrote this on his first day poem:

I really thought I toned the crazy down that day. :)

After we made our class rules together, we created a poster to show were are "all in" on the rules together. I LOVE how it turned out!

And the kids LOVED their first stem challenge. They had to "Help Harry" by creating a pedestal of some kind for their "Harry." (It said to use a pom pom with eyes, but I have an excessive amount of Easter eggs left over I just drew eyes on.) It was a team building activity disguised as science. And they've begged me to do another one ever since. 

We created our "Friend Wanted" posters last week, too. (Thanks Jillian Starr!) The kids did an AH-MAZING job of describing what they want to have in a friend. This class is awesome!

And this week, we've started working on multiplication. I won a set of double dice (or dice inside of dice) during PD and we've been using them to build arrays. They're catching on SO FAST! I've been blown away!

And on a non-teaching-elated-but-totally-amazing-note, have you heard that Kendra Scott now has nail polish?! It matches many of their stones and is absolutely GORGEOUS! I usually don't spend much on a single bottle of nail polish, but I may need a beginning of the school year treat here soon!

Anyway, I hope you've either HAD an amazing beginning of the year or you do HAVE a fabulous one. And PLEASE take time to enjoy this three day weekend ahead. Now, head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday awesomeness! Have a great weekend!


  1. LOVE your first day bulletin board and activities! We have the same whiteboards for Math, too! Happy Labor Day!

  2. LOL...I did the first day poem and the Friend Wanted activities last week, too. Both were huge hits! Great minds think alike :)

  3. What a fun STEM activity! I'll have to try that one out. Thank you for sharing!
    Team J's Second Grade Fun

  4. The STEM activity and Friend Wanted activities are both great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Your students (even the scared one) will appreciate your craziness very soon! It's fun. My students were looking at me like I was just a little loony this week. I just finished my third "kid day" on Friday. Love the stem activity.
    Laughter and Consistency


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