Five for Friday (4/8/16)


Hello fellow tired teachers! Have no fear, the end of the school year is near! We officially have 37 days of school left at the end of today. 37! Can you believe it?! In honor of this glorious occasion, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for a little Five for Friday fun!

We've been learning a lot about life science this semester, and in order to compare and contrast living things versus nonliving things, we did a little observing of some worms. Yes, worms. First, we explored our gummy worms—color, length, whether it moved or not—and determined that it was, in fact, nonliving. THEN, we got out the real worms and did the same thing. (Get the awesome data sheet from First Grade Wow here.) I can't even tell you how excited the kids were. My littlest little is STILL talking about the worms every chance he gets. DO THIS with your kids during your animal unit. They'll LOVE it.

To get your worms, you can go to a bait shop if you have one handy. OR you can do what I did and head over to your local Wal-Mart (sorry, Target) and pick up these babies: 

They're over there in the fishing department in a refrigerated case. (I'm telling you this because the first year I did this, I had NO IDEA where to get worms. Outside things are not my thing—unless it's having a beverage on a patio of course.)

Did you know those little window clings from the Target dollar spot stick to your whiteboard? I guess I never thought of it before. But I stuck one on there the other day just to see if it would stay okay and so far, so good. When the kids came in, you'd have thought I decorated for a party. Like we never have anything new in the room…geez!

April is national Autism Awareness month. We've discussed it a little bit by watching the Go Noodle Light it up Blue video and reading this book:

It doesn't specifically mention Autism, but it does talk about celebrating the differences each of us has to offer. It says things like, "Some monsters are quiet," and, "some monsters are like to talk and talk and talk." I have the kids stand up if the page describes them and love getting to see who else in the room is like them (as if we didn't already know who the talkers are!). 

If you haven't read this book yet, find a copy! It's simple, to the point, and well worth every penny. 

A student of mine checked out a book from the school library called A Book. I can't find an online image of it anywhere 'cause if you google "a book," well, you get everything. But it's a story of a little girl trying to find out what her story is. 

I love this book and someday I will find a copy of my own. It's great for discussing different genres of books, but I love that it talks about writing your own story. Not necessarily an actual story, YOUR story. 

If you haven't tried the Word Swag app yet, you NEED to. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I've gone a little Word Swag crazy lately. But who wouldn't when you can make images like this:

Seriously, try it. I guess I've always been a word fanatic, but really, you can't go wrong with this one. 

Thanks for stopping by! Now swing over to Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday fun!


  1. So much good stuff in this post! I didn't know GoNoodle had a light it up blue video... gotta check that out! And that book sounds great. I'm definitely going to read it with my kids when we finish Harry Potter. And I'm going to get Word Swag right. now. I need that gold foil font. Have a great weekend!

    Years That Ask Questions

  2. Thanks for the great tips! I'm checking out Word Swag next :) Have a great weekend!

    1st Grade Pandamania

  3. It's so funny, what they get excited about, isn't it? Definitely going to check out word swag!


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