Five for Friday (4/22/16)


Hello there! It's only been two weeks, but it feels like forever since I've blogged. I was so sick last week, then my son came down with it, so we've been a little out of sorts. That being said, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for TWO weeks of Five for Friday fun!
We started end of the year testing (it feels like we just did middle of the year assessments!) this week which means there are papers EVERYWHERE! I found these adorable folders in the Target dollar spot and they've been just perfect for controlling the clutter.

The top one has finished assessments, the "File and Forget" one has forms that weren't quite on level, and the "Is It Friday Yet?" one has all the ones I haven't done. Cause they take forever. And I'd rather it be Friday. 

Have you read this book yet? It's awesome! There are 300 strategies to reach every reader. 

It's so easy to find what skill you're looking for. The sides are labeled with reading levels, text type, and skills addressed.

If you don't have this book yet, find a copy and get ready to rock your reading groups!
We've been studying animal habitats (for like, forever) and this week the kids chose their own animal to draw in their natural habitat with chalk and crayons. Just say the word chalk to littles and they loose their minds. I love the way this one turned out! 

Ok, time for some #unfilteredclassrooms. We're at that point of the year where teachers are feeling like this: 

And our supplies are starting to look like this:

(Four years was apparently all it could take.) So this week, we implemented "The Great Pencil Challenge!" We have a pencil breaking culprit amongst all the other spring fever issues, so each student has their name written on their own individual pencil. At the end of the week, the people with  their pencil still in tact (not broken in half, no eraser bitten off, and they still know where it is!) get to go the treasure box. I HATE using the treasure box to bribe as incentives, but the issue with supplies is about to send me over the edge needing an intervention. 

And then, after we talked about how much time we have left together in 1st grade, I got a super sweet note:

…which made me tear up. Even on crazy days, they are so sweet and loving. Do you ever forget just how little your littles are? I do. But things like this bring me back. As much as I am ready for summer, I will miss this crazy group so much. We have 28 days of school left and my goal is to make the most of every single one of them. Here's to full moon, Earth Day, Friday crazy! It's the only one I'll ever get with them. Better make the most of it. :) (Sorry for getting sappy on you there, but this note…)

Now, go make the most of it with your crew, then stop by Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday fun. Have a great weekend. 


  1. Oh my gosh...I forget how little my littlest are all the time. I think I expect SO much from them and then every once in a while something like that so sweet note happens and my heart breaks a little! That Someecard is right on point!
    And that book looks awesome! I'll have to check it out!

    Teaching Voracious Learners

  2. The Reading Strategies Book is my BIBLE! The school bought them for us, and now I am moving to a new school so I am frantically transferring all my highlights and notes into my own personal one!
    You are so smart for thinking of The Great Pencil Challenge! I may have to copy you and implement that one in my classroom. The end of the year seems to get the best of them sometimes!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Kara Mullens
    Mullens Madness

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  4. We always enjoy reading your Five For Fridays!

    ~Heather & Angie

  5. Love those folders! My target doesn't have those! I've done this pencil challenge before and even upped the ante by giving one prize to the one with the longest pencil! TRYING TO eliminate all that pencil sharpening!

  6. That note was so sweet! Those words could make any bad day, a great day.

    I have that book. But. . . I can't find it. I'm finding this is an issue for me. I misplace books. But how do you lose that huge thing? It is a great book, though :)

    Stacy @Made with Love

  7. I saw that book in a classroom that I subbed in and have it on my summer reading list. It looks soooo good! Awww... that note! I just love getting notes and kid art! Enjoy your weekend!
    Joya :)

  8. Friday was a full moon???? THAT explains it! And I thought it was because we ate dirt!! See you around, Rachel. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  9. I laughed so hard the first time I saw that all eyes on me true is that! I definitely need to do a pencil challenge...I'm starting to wonder if they eat them!


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