Five for Friday: Spring Break Edition


Happy Friday, y'all! This week we've been on spring break. For the first time in several years, we didn't do anything amazing this week. No trips, no flights, not even bowling or movies. Know what? It was absolutely everything I needed! I won't need a vacation to recover from this vacation. I just may have problems getting up early on Monday. :-p

I did get some things done though, and I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday to tell you all about it.

I have all of my teacher files at the house now because of a lack of storage in my classroom this year. At the beginning of the week, I went through ALL OF IT. Every box, every binder, every everything. It only took two days but what a difference! It looks like such a mess, but it really is organized. (My next house WILL have an office!)

I have binders organized for each month of the year, plus a separate one for math, writing, and science. I need new ones for social studies and reading too, but that will have to wait for now.

I keep class sets of things I didn't use, extra copies for interventions, copied books, and centers in bins that are labeled. I cleaned all that mess out. I'm sure the guys who pick up our recycling are not going to be happy with me. 

I finished printing off the baseball math centers, task cards, scoot games, hide and seek games, and all the little things my firsties will be using next week. There's just something about fresh laminating in the morning…ahh…

I've also been working on the next unit of math centers. When I'm done, it should have enough centers to take you through most of April and May, depending on how often you change out your centers. I tend to leave the same centers in there for a couple of weeks so the kids have time to enjoy them and  review the skills they're working on. Hopefully it will be ready by the end of the weekend, so if you don't follow my store yet, get on it so you don't miss out!

Next week, our class is going to the rodeo. I'm sure it will be wonderful and the kids will have a blast. Our little city kids don't have much experience with farm animals and the country (even though it really only takes 15 minutes to get out of the city—without traffic) so this should be a great learning experience for all of them. I haven't made it to the rodeo in years and can't wait to show them around.

And finally, I came across this image the other day, and I really think this is something we need to ban together and enforce:

Who's with me on this?

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you're up to in the comments below then head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday fun! Have a great weekend!


  1. Isn't it such a great feeling to clean out clutter. I *heart* throwing away stacks of papers! LOL!

    I could also get totally behind take your wife to Hawaii month. Sounds like the perfect plan! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh! It must feel so good to be organized. I'm kind of lacking in that area, but I'm feeling inspired!

    Stacy @Made with Love

  3. Doesn't it feel good to be organized... I say that wistfully as it seems I never have the feeling :) And I am SO going to grab that March button and send it to my husband... in fact, maybe I'll print it and leave it all over the house!!! See you around! Kathleen


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