Five for Friday (1/8/16)

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Oh boy! What a week! For only having four days with the littles, it sure was busy!

This week was penguin week. We've loved reading about Tacky the Penguin and having a little penguiny fun.

We made these penguin glyphs from Herding Cats in Kindergarten, did the penguin directed drawing from First Grade Blue Skies, and dressing like Tacky on Friday.

One of my littles likes to add some flair to his directed drawings. They pretty much all turn gangster. 

We also started learning about natural resources. The science workbook our district provides had this little section about what products come from different animals and this whole conversation got way outta hand!

When talking about how cotton is a plant and cotton makes our clothes: "YOU MEAN WE'RE WEARING PLANTS?!?!"

When talking about how sheep's wool makes sweaters: "What if the sheep doesn't want a haircut? What if she thinks she's already fabulous?!" "Let's give the sheep a mohawk!"

And don't even get me started on the part where we talked about which animals produce milk and, therefore, cheese. "Do we eat fish cheese?"

All from this picture:

I had to put my head down and regain my composure before we could continue. #mouthofbabes

We started making resolutions on Tuesday. I used this freebie from the Moffatt Girls to get them started writing. 

One of my littles wrote, "My goals are to teach people how to read and solve math problems." Then she added, "So they can be smart like me!" <3 these kids!

The desk fairy stopped by at the beginning of the week to drop a note and treat off to those friends who've been keeping their desks clean. These tiny woodland animals were a big hit! Thank you Target Dollar Spot!

With a new year, came a new calendar for shout-outs. Each day, a student is chosen for the day's shout-out. It could be for awesome behavior, academic achievement, showing kindness or leadership, or some other personal achievement. The day's student gets their name a description of their accomplishment on a calendar page along with a small trinket (right now it's stick on mustaches—adorable!).

Well, my little desk calendar from Lakeshore was out with 2015…and then I got this for white elephant:

Talk about being a hit! There were "ooohhhs" and "aaaahhhhs" from the whole room. Novelty is everything. So is Star Wars.

Well, that's our week. How was yours? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by! Now swing over to Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday Fun. 

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