January Math Centers—And a FREEBIE!

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Happy Winter Break, y'all! I am so happy to finally be on vacation, but I also can't wait for my littles to see our new January math centers! They LOVED our Christmas centers and I know they'll love these, too. 

Most of these sets can either be set up as a write the room, put it in a center in a baggie or other container (super simple), or (my favorite) put the cards in a sensory bin full of fake SNOW!  My kids went ape for the fake snow last year and I can't wait to do it again!

There are three sets of addition and subtraction cards. One set is all addition practice, one is all subtraction practice, and one is a little of both. 

Three different recording sheets are included.

My students will be practicing their fact families as well. They'll have to figure out which two numbers to add together to make the third number. 8 cards are included in this center.

My kiddos this year are really struggling with place value and putting numbers in order. We'll be working on that A LOT in the spring semester. This center continues our Winter Number Order center nicely. 

We're also still working on adding coins. They loved this game from our December unit, so I added another to our January unit. 

Studnets spin the spinner and whatever the value of the coin is they land on is the number of squares they color on their recording sheet. So if a student lands on a dime, they'd color 10 squares. Each page has 4 game boards. 

I haven't done many clothespin activities this year, but my littles are still needing to develop hand strength so I made clip cards for counting money. Students put a clothespin on the total of the coins and write the answer on their recording sheet.

Also included is a subtraction trail game. Students draw a card and find the difference. Then they move that number of spaces on the game board. 

 Students can practice finding the missing addend with a missing mitten center...

...and they can practice telling time to the hour.

Also included is a Seek and Add and Seek and Subtract center. Students use a magnifying glass to find addition and subtraction problems hidden throughout the pictures. Then they record the number sentence with the answer on their recording sheet.  

And finally, we have a mitten base ten match. Students match the cards together to practice place value and write the number in all it's forms on the recording sheet. 

Whew! That was a lot. Thanks for staying with me. Here's a freebie as a thank you!

Let me know what you think in the comments below and be sure to check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store!


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