January Math Centers—And a FREEBIE!

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Happy Winter Break, y'all! I am so happy to finally be on vacation, but I also can't wait for my littles to see our new January math centers! They LOVED our Christmas centers and I know they'll love these, too. 

Most of these sets can either be set up as a write the room, put it in a center in a baggie or other container (super simple), or (my favorite) put the cards in a sensory bin full of fake SNOW!  My kids went ape for the fake snow last year and I can't wait to do it again!

There are three sets of addition and subtraction cards. One set is all addition practice, one is all subtraction practice, and one is a little of both. 

Three different recording sheets are included.

My students will be practicing their fact families as well. They'll have to figure out which two numbers to add together to make the third number. 8 cards are included in this center.

My kiddos this year are really struggling with place value and putting numbers in order. We'll be working on that A LOT in the spring semester. This center continues our Winter Number Order center nicely. 

We're also still working on adding coins. They loved this game from our December unit, so I added another to our January unit. 

Studnets spin the spinner and whatever the value of the coin is they land on is the number of squares they color on their recording sheet. So if a student lands on a dime, they'd color 10 squares. Each page has 4 game boards. 

I haven't done many clothespin activities this year, but my littles are still needing to develop hand strength so I made clip cards for counting money. Students put a clothespin on the total of the coins and write the answer on their recording sheet.

Also included is a subtraction trail game. Students draw a card and find the difference. Then they move that number of spaces on the game board. 

 Students can practice finding the missing addend with a missing mitten center...

...and they can practice telling time to the hour.

Also included is a Seek and Add and Seek and Subtract center. Students use a magnifying glass to find addition and subtraction problems hidden throughout the pictures. Then they record the number sentence with the answer on their recording sheet.  

And finally, we have a mitten base ten match. Students match the cards together to practice place value and write the number in all it's forms on the recording sheet. 

Whew! That was a lot. Thanks for staying with me. Here's a freebie as a thank you!

Let me know what you think in the comments below and be sure to check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Five for Friday (12/18/18)


I have to say, my kids were amazingly chill for the week before break. Last week I wasn't so lucky, but this week was the most mellow "week before break" I've ever had. #blessed 

This week, we dressed up each day with a different theme. Monday was crazy sock day and I love, love, love my pencil socks my BFF gave me a few years ago.

The kids were getting squirrelly, so we did our elf directed drawing from First Grade Blue Skies. Overall, they were pretty cute.

But one went gansta. (He said this elf's rich.)

And some are just plain scary. (I'm still not sure why we have vampire elves with flaming hair.) What can I say? They like to add their own spin on things. 

Thursday, we made our Techy Santas. This was SO. MUCH. FUN.  I was afraid it would take forever, but I prepped the glasses for them and the rest was a piece of cake. They each created apps for Santa's iPad that he might use. We had "Naughty and Nice" apps, reindeer and elf management apps, cookie calorie counters, toy buying apps, and more. They were so awesome!

Thursday was also our class party. There was an overload of sugar, but the kids were so mellow. I was really impressed. 

We read The Biggest Snowman Ever in class and each time I change the name of the characters to the name of a student in the classroom. We've read it often so that each child has had their name in the story at least once. It was a dollar through Scholastic so I bought a copy for each child for Christmas. They were SO EXCITED to get their very own copy of the "magic book." Many of my kiddos don't have books at home and they were genuinely appreciative of this one.  Makes my teacher heart happy. :) 

Even though they've been so well behaved, I'm still going to look like this around 3:00. It's just natural.

After a week of crafting, a holiday party, a fire drill, a lockdown drill, a school-wide sing along, and a Grinch/pajama day, this break will be much needed!

Thanks for stopping by. Swing by Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday fun!

Five for Friday (12/11/15)


Happy week before the week before break! We have a full five days of school next week. How about you?

On Monday, we practiced fact families and made these super-cute snowmen. The kids added the buttons they drew on each snowman to make their equations. (This is my example. I forgot to get a picture of the kids' work.)

Also on Monday, my mom took my son to the local zoo. He has a small llama obsession (it's huge really—all he talks about) and she took him to meet some. He was beside himself with excitement.

We've been learning about seasons in science and used q-tips to paint leaves on our trees. I love to paint with my classes but hadn't so far this year and I am so glad these turned out as well as they did.

I've started prepping for January already because I want everything ready to go before the break. I am avoiding having to go in during vacation as much as possible. So…I finished up my January Math Centers set and I've been busy printing and laminating away.

Centers include addition and subtraction write the rooms...

…fact family practice...

…coin addition...

…an addition trail game…

…addition and subtraction I-Spy games...

…base ten practice and more!

My firsties loved my Christmas math centers and I can't wait to show them these. 

Today is our Holidays Around the World extravaganza. Passports, suitcases, and craftivities are ready to go. Check back tomorrow for all the exciting details. We're starting this unit off with Hanukkah, Kwanza, Diwali, and Las Posadas. Next week, we'll make several stops throughout the week.

Thanks for stopping by. Swing by Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday fun and visit us again tomorrow for all our holiday fun.

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