Five for Friday the 13th!


 It's Friday the 13th! Am I scared? Oh no! It's Friday and that means time to be awesome!

I woke up to an email from Class Dojo. I've been selected as the school Class Dojo Mentor. How cool is that?! Apparently I use it enough to get their attention and more than anyone else in the school.

On Tuesday, we had to have a little problem solving class meeting. They "forgot" how to be quiet during reading centers and were extremely distractible. SO…we made a circle, we identified the problems, and I stepped away. I told them I wanted them to brainstorm ways to solve this issue. They decided to tackle the voice level issue first.

Every time we get in line, the kids "catch a bubble" to get quiet. I make a big production about "blowing" bubbles to them. Sometimes they're even flavored bubbles or sparkly. During this conversation about voice level, one of my littles says, "Sometimes you just have to blow your own bubble!"

Anyway, their ideas for solving this issue were amazing. They facilitated their own discussion without me, stayed on topic, and let each other take turns talking. And they're only in 1st grade! {Insert proud teacher moment here.}

I have student leaders run the calendar each morning. They are so eager to do it each day that it became a contest to get to the calendar first. (i.e. people were getting run over) SO… I made a sign up sheet. Each student had a chance to sign up for a day to lead. No more running each other over first thing in the morning. So far, it's been magical. (BTW, this cute calendar printout is from

We started our Thanksgiving unit yesterday, and today we made our Mayflower books. The mast is made out of straws from the Target dollar spot and the book is the Dr. Jean Thanksgiving story retell. I thought they came out pretty cute, don't you?

And we ended the week with a turkey directed drawing from First Grade Blue Skies. Aren't they adorable?!

We sure do have some colorful turkeys in our classroom!

That's my week. Stop by DoodleBugs Teaching for more Five for Friday fun! How was your week?


  1. All those projects are ADORABLE! I am going to check them out! I am glad their meeting went well. I have to remember to walk away and let them run it.
    Have a great day!

  2. OMG! I LOVE your circle idea! We use Restorative Practices which revolve around circles. I usually lead my students in problem solving circles trying to be sure I am using problem first language, but I know I have modeled enough, and that they should be able to lead themselves! What a great idea! And, I LOVE their turkeys!!!
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