Five for Friday (11/27/15)

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Happy first official day of the Christmas season! I love this time of year. We work really hard in our house (and in my classroom) to make sure the focus of the season is in giving to others and being kind, not on getting everything we want. It's hard but he payoff is so worth it.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and to kick off Black Friday, I'm having a sale on my store. (Cause the learning doesn't stop just cause Santa is on the horizon!)

While we were out shopping Tuesday, my littlest guy found some Darth Vader pjs complete with cape. At 40% we just had to get them. (He really has outgrown everything he owns.) I love that he'll still wear this stuff, even though he's getting big. 

While I was at school Monday and Tuesday, my own kids were off. So I gave them the box of Christmas decorations and they took care of everything. Total score for mom!

Tuesday, we FINALLY saw the Peanuts movie. It was the best movie ever! I have always loved Peanuts and that was a great way to start Thanksgiving break.

And now it's time for us to go Black Friday shopping. My mom and I are hitting the stores with my kids. All 5 kids. 3 teen girls and 2 slightly younger boys. Black Friday. And it's raining. Why are we doing this? Oh, yeah. Black Friday. It will be fine. It will be fun. And we'll have a movie night tonight. Happy shopping everyone!

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  1. Wow! I hope you got LOTS of great stuff while shopping! You've brave to go with teenage girls!


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