Five for Friday (11/20/15)

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Happy Friday! I wish I could say that I'm on Thanksgiving break already but we still have two days of school next week. :( If we have to be there though, we're going to have fun! Here's this week:

This week I started the Mindful Eating Challenge with Deedee from Mrs. Wills's Kindergarten and Rachelle from For Blogness Sake and What the Teacher Wants. It's not about loosing weight (though that could be a bonus!), it's about being mindful of what we eat over the holiday season. (Read: trying not to binge eat on every treat that is offered over the next month.) Check out the details on here and please consider joining us! I may not always meet my calorie goal for the day, but I am eating better. My jeans are already starting to feel loose!  #myhealthyholiday15

We've been working hard on communicating effectively in our class. They get along really well overall but when issues do arise, they're needing some tools to express themselves. So…we introduced an "I feel" anchor chart.

We practiced with simple things (positive and negative situations) like, "I feel happy when my mommy buys me ice cream because I really like ice cream. I wish I could have ice cream everyday!

Just after practicing, one of my littles came up to me crying about someone who had been critical of his picture he drew. I said, "Do you need to use an 'I feel' statement?" He turned to the rest of the class and said, "I feel sad when people make fun of my picture because I worked really hard on that and that's not nice. I wish people would be nice." And the WHOLE CLASS went, "Aww! We're sorry! We LOVE your drawing." And a whole class group hug happened. (Insert teacher tears here.)

We kicked off our weather unit this week with a few crafty things. We made an anchor chart of weather words and created a precipitation mobile.

Today, we made our thankful tree and talked a LOT about what we're thankful for. I love this activity because it always looks different each year.

And finally, we made our pilgrim people quilt thanks to Molly at Lucky to Be in First. The first year I did it, I had a girls' table and a boys' table and put out the pieces they would need. I was sure I counted right, but I must not have. It was a disaster. This year, I precut everything and put each students' pieces into individual snack bags. SO. MUCH. BETTER! And they turned out freakin' adorable!

Well, that's a wrap! Stop by Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday fun!

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  1. Love the feeling anchor kids need a lot of help with this, too! And the pilgrim quilt is adorable!


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