Five for Friday (10/30/15)


It's the week before Halloween, but we made it! We studied magnets, force and motion, word problems, story elements, and more. 

In science, we started the week off learning about magnets. This is one of my least favorite science topics to cover, so when I found this set from Science for Kids by Sue Cahalane I was all over it. It was perfect. We introduced magnets on Monday and made the wonderful little monsters who's kites "fly" when a magnet passes by. Then we did a scavenger hunt to see what else is magnetic. 

On Tuesday, we explored magnets more with stations set up around the room. They were beside themselves with excitement and they're still asking to go fishing (top right center). 

Wednesday and Thursday, we shifted our focus to force and motion. I used another amazing set by Science for Kids for this and they were ecstatic. We studied the effects of the pull from gravity on our race cars going down a ramp versus a push from our own hands. They made predictions, tested their hypotheses, and explained why stronger forces would produce greater momentum with their cars. Their conversations and vocabulary blew me away!

We used the adjectives we'd been studying in previous weeks to describe ourselves for this quick little Halloween writing project. The kids wrote four simple descriptions of themselves, colored and cutout their costume buddy, and wrote their name under the character. They glued it down partially but left a little flap for the reader to read their name. They LOVED reading each other's descriptions and trying to figure out who's is who's. 

I found this super cute and simple Halloween word problem set from Ainsley Karl for math time. I broke it up into 4 days and we did 6 problems a day. I jazzed it up some by putting the cards in a plastic cauldron I found at Goodwill. This was perfect for this week and we were able to use and discuss several addition and subtraction strategies.

And finally, I woke up this morning to this…

Oh well, it's not going to spoil our fun! Check back in tomorrow for a look into all our Halloween happenings. 

Have a fabulous Friday and swing by Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday fun!


  1. Those monsters with kites are adorable! I'm so glad you found something to make teaching this topic more fun for you :)

  2. Looks like you had a great week! Your science session looks like it was great in the end! Love the Halloween writing activity too!

    Teaching Autism


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