Five for Friday (10/23/15)


Words cannot express how happy I am that this week is over. There is something about changing weather that makes littles lose their senses! And now it's the weekend, baseball for tomorrow is cancelled due to rain, and a cozy Saturday morning at home is in the very near future. Life is good. 

We started the week learning about integrity. My students seem to think that if I can't see them (and sometimes even if I'm looking right at them), that I won't know what they did. 

So we made this handy four square to learn this new vocabulary word and we practiced ALL WEEK LONG! By the end of the week, all I had to say was, "I see integrity in this friend. She is doing _____," and they would all straighten up. We still need more practice, but it definitely is helping.

It started raining yesterday morning (it hasn't rained here in forever), so we had a little flashlight reading time first thing in the morning. I picked up a bunch of finger flashlights from the Halloween section at Target this week and they were just right for flashlight Friday Thursday.

We've been learning about light energy, and, since it's fall, we made some pumpkin sun catchers. Their pumpkins were fully orange, but I left my half finished one up so we could review our vocabulary words over the next couple of weeks. It hangs on our door so we can review on the way out. 

Technically, we lost fun Friday this week because our behavior was needing improvement. BUT, I couldn't resist doing our goofy pumpkins at the end of the day. (They were trying SO HARD today to behave. Inside recess days are rough!) They turned out adorable! It's funny how their creations tend to mirror them and their personalities. 

Finally, I've been slowly but surely adding to my TpT store. My Kindergarten Data Binder has been in my store for a couple months now, but this week I added a 1st Grade Data Binder as well.

And if you're still needing some Halloween or fall math resources, I added a Halloween Comparing Numbers write the room and a Number Order Task Card set.

So there you have it. Stop by Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday fun and have a great week!


  1. My students need to learn about integrity also! We had a lot of classroom meetings about our behavior this week. It's mainly the talking! Good gracious!

  2. Love the focus on integrity! Something we've been talking (A LOT) about as well.

  3. Rachael
    I LOVE your pumpkin sun catchers!! I will have to make these with my kiddos! So super cute!
    It’s Kinder Time


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