Five for Friday (10/30/15)


It's the week before Halloween, but we made it! We studied magnets, force and motion, word problems, story elements, and more. 

In science, we started the week off learning about magnets. This is one of my least favorite science topics to cover, so when I found this set from Science for Kids by Sue Cahalane I was all over it. It was perfect. We introduced magnets on Monday and made the wonderful little monsters who's kites "fly" when a magnet passes by. Then we did a scavenger hunt to see what else is magnetic. 

On Tuesday, we explored magnets more with stations set up around the room. They were beside themselves with excitement and they're still asking to go fishing (top right center). 

Wednesday and Thursday, we shifted our focus to force and motion. I used another amazing set by Science for Kids for this and they were ecstatic. We studied the effects of the pull from gravity on our race cars going down a ramp versus a push from our own hands. They made predictions, tested their hypotheses, and explained why stronger forces would produce greater momentum with their cars. Their conversations and vocabulary blew me away!

We used the adjectives we'd been studying in previous weeks to describe ourselves for this quick little Halloween writing project. The kids wrote four simple descriptions of themselves, colored and cutout their costume buddy, and wrote their name under the character. They glued it down partially but left a little flap for the reader to read their name. They LOVED reading each other's descriptions and trying to figure out who's is who's. 

I found this super cute and simple Halloween word problem set from Ainsley Karl for math time. I broke it up into 4 days and we did 6 problems a day. I jazzed it up some by putting the cards in a plastic cauldron I found at Goodwill. This was perfect for this week and we were able to use and discuss several addition and subtraction strategies.

And finally, I woke up this morning to this…

Oh well, it's not going to spoil our fun! Check back in tomorrow for a look into all our Halloween happenings. 

Have a fabulous Friday and swing by Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday fun!

Five for Friday (10/23/15)


Words cannot express how happy I am that this week is over. There is something about changing weather that makes littles lose their senses! And now it's the weekend, baseball for tomorrow is cancelled due to rain, and a cozy Saturday morning at home is in the very near future. Life is good. 

We started the week learning about integrity. My students seem to think that if I can't see them (and sometimes even if I'm looking right at them), that I won't know what they did. 

So we made this handy four square to learn this new vocabulary word and we practiced ALL WEEK LONG! By the end of the week, all I had to say was, "I see integrity in this friend. She is doing _____," and they would all straighten up. We still need more practice, but it definitely is helping.

It started raining yesterday morning (it hasn't rained here in forever), so we had a little flashlight reading time first thing in the morning. I picked up a bunch of finger flashlights from the Halloween section at Target this week and they were just right for flashlight Friday Thursday.

We've been learning about light energy, and, since it's fall, we made some pumpkin sun catchers. Their pumpkins were fully orange, but I left my half finished one up so we could review our vocabulary words over the next couple of weeks. It hangs on our door so we can review on the way out. 

Technically, we lost fun Friday this week because our behavior was needing improvement. BUT, I couldn't resist doing our goofy pumpkins at the end of the day. (They were trying SO HARD today to behave. Inside recess days are rough!) They turned out adorable! It's funny how their creations tend to mirror them and their personalities. 

Finally, I've been slowly but surely adding to my TpT store. My Kindergarten Data Binder has been in my store for a couple months now, but this week I added a 1st Grade Data Binder as well.

And if you're still needing some Halloween or fall math resources, I added a Halloween Comparing Numbers write the room and a Number Order Task Card set.

So there you have it. Stop by Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday fun and have a great week!

Five for Friday (10/2/15)

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Happy Friday, y'all! Today was apple day in our class and it was SO. MUCH. FUN! We roped all our apple crafts and things into one jam-packed day.

We've been studying states of matter and heating and cooling. So we kicked off the day by making applesauce. It's super simple if you haven't done it already. Just throw some chopped apples, a little water, and a hint of brown sugar in a crockpot and go. We talked about how the apples were solid, but with the heating process, it turned it into a liquid. (Sorry, I didn't get a picture.)

We also blew up some apples. 

While they were at lunch, I hollowed out a little bit of the core of a few apples. When they got back, they dumped some baking soda and magic juice (vinegar with food coloring) into it. We discussed the solids in the experiment, the liquids (the vinegar), and the gas it created. They went bananas! It was awesome.

When we weren't experimenting, we were crafting. Check out their awesome artwork.

You can get the Johnny Appleseed directed drawing from First Grade Blue Skies

Yesterday, we did a simple experiment with states of matter by pouring Pop Rocks in a small cup of water. We talked about the gas created by the mixture and did this simple science notebook page.

Next week is all things fall so I made a simple number order task card set for math time. There are four different skill levels included and two different answer sheet options. You can pick up a set of your own here.

So that's my week. Stop by Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday fun!

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