Teacher Week 15: Classroom Tour


Happy Wednesday! I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for the Teacher Week linky! Each day this week, there will be another topic to link up about. Don't have a blog? Instagram it or Facebook it using the hashtag #teacherweek15. Today's topic: Classroom Tour!

The school I teach in was built in 1954. It is a very unique campus that has lots of character, and my classroom is in the newer wing.

I bought the World Traveler set from Schoolgirl Style two summers ago and I LOVE it. We do lots of traveling in our family so it's totally me and the kids love the airplanes. Here's our word wall:

I use ball words from Differentiated Kindergarten to practice sight words. The first eight sets are out and ready to go and look so cute in the little Dollar Tree tubs. I pair the sight word practice with Reagan Tunstall's Stick Words, too. That way the kids have lots of choice in how they practice their words. Mr. Potato Head is on top for classroom rewards. When the class is doing an amazing job of something, they earn another piece of him. When he's complete, they get to pick a reward. I've used it for three years and the kids LOVE it. 

Our Instagram board is for classroom pictures.

Our brag tags hang on magnetic clips from the dollar spot at Target. We wear them on Fridays (when I remember!) to show off all our accomplishments. 

I have this board set up for WOW Work. It's hard to see in the picture, but the clips have sparkly washi tape on them. So cute! and the table below hold word work supplies and extra math supplies.

I introduced our writing center this week. I bought The Ultimate Writing Station from Seusstastic last year and it's PERFECT for work on writing. I use it all year and sometimes add things, but this set really has everything.

Math centers are set up on this guy. I love how everything fits so nicely and it's easy for the kids to find stuff.

That's my room. Stop by tomorrow for more blog hoppin' fun and be sure to check out the Blog Hoppin' blog to see everyone's Classrooms!


  1. I LOVE your room! Such an incredibly cute theme, I think that's so great! Love your Writing Station and your shelf for storing center activities, that's such a great space-saver!
    Thank you for sharing your room with us, I loved getting a glimpse into your classroom!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  2. Fun theme! I've never done a theme, because I'm afraid I'll want to change it each year. The cloud paper on your word wall is so eye-catching. I like your math center organization. Mine works, but it could definitely use some tweaking!
    Laughter and Consistency


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