Five for Friday (9/25/15)


This was week 2 of science stations and the kids and I are LOVING IT! If you missed my first post about stations, you can get the scoop here. Basically, the kids had so much energy during science time that they HAD to get up and move. Rather than fighting them on it, I rearranged my lessons to meet their needs. It's not a traditional setup, but it does allow them to do a few traditional lessons mixed in with a few explorations. 

The rotations are set up so that no pencil and paper stations back up to each other. So, there might be a mini experiment, a cut and paste, a sensory activity with vocabulary, a draw what you know about the topic, a teacher assisted experiment, and an emergent reader about it. It's the same kind of thing I would do throughout the week, it's just setup so that they go quickly from station to station. And I have to say, it has made our afternoons SO. MUCH. BETTER!

We worked on balancing equations this week. They are already pretty good at finding sums, but are still working on breaking it into parts. So…we used these plates I found at Target to break up our whole number into parts using fall table scatter (also from Target). It's such a simple setup, but a wonderful visual for my littles.

We've been DRA and TPRI testing for the last couple weeks. My class seems to ALWAYS need to tell me something as soon as I sit down to test. So…I made these:

Each student has their own card with their name written on it. Whenever he or she needs to tell me something while I'm testing or working with a small group, they can drop the card on the table, go back to their work, and know I will come check on them as soon as I can.

It has worked WONDERS and they are FREE in my store. You pick up your own here.

Mr. Manners (aka Ron Clark) is being introduced to our class today through a daily social skills/ manners lesson. I did this last year with my kinders, and this year's firsties need support in this area, too. Basically, we discuss one of his 55 Essential Rules. The rule may stay up for one day or several days, depending on how much practice they need in this skill. Sometimes, additional wording is added. For instance, Ron Clark's rule might say "Zero talking in the hallway," and I might add, "our arms stay down to our sides and off the walls." We have come a long way since the first week of school, but there is always room for improvement. 

We found the website the other day and we just HAD to peanutize ourselves. I think they turned out pretty cute. The one with the wavy hair is me. All my teens have straight hair. We're quite a big bunch, aren't we?

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  1. Rachael, I love your "I need help" cards. I am definitely going to go grab those. What a great idea. Great idea to use the rules from Ron Clark's book. I have that on my shelf, I should pull it out and refresh. Thanks for the idea. I hope you have a great day!

  2. Your help cards are brilliant! Especially free too !! What a great idea for the classroom!

    Teaching Autism

  3. I agree that the "help cards" are just genius. Thanks for sharing an excellent freebie for classroom management.

  4. Really like the help cards! I need to reread The Essential 55.


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