Spotlight Saturday (8/8/15)


Happy Saturday, y'all and welcome back for another installment of Spotlight Saturday! Erin at Kindergarten Dragons hosts this wonderful weekly linky which spotlights some amazing resources for use in the classroom.

This week, I've been focused on long-term planning and there are a couple of holiday resources I just couldn't do without. 

First up is this Then and Now set from Kindergarten Lifestyle. It really does have everything you need to teach how things were different when the Pilgrims were around versus now. There are big, colorful cards for sorting then and now whole group, and smaller, black and white ones for students to sort. There's even a book included to introduce it all!

I make a giant venn diagram on butcher paper, and, after reading the included book, we use the cards to sort out the differences. My kids LOVE this every year. Sorry, I don't have a picture of it. :(

Another holiday favorite is this freebie from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten. We talk about wants versus needs every Christmas and *try* to refocus ourselves from "me, me, me" to other people. (I can try, right?) The kids do amazing at recognizing the difference between things they just want and things they really need to survive. (Every year there's that ONE that just doesn't get it. You know that one.) The craft turns out super cute, all the other teachers walk down the hallway and go "Aww," and parents say, "Thank you!" for teaching them the difference. Go get this freebie!

Those are a couple of my favorite holiday resources. What are some of yours?


  1. I love these!!! I'm getting ready to design a Tot School curriculum for my little man and this needs vs wants idea is GOING IN THE PLAN! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  2. Hi Rachael! Love your needs versus wants! Such an important thing to teach - especially at Christmas time! This is definitely going into my plans for the year! Your blog is super cute - following you! Happy Saturday!

    One Step Closer Teaching

  3. You shared some really great holiday resources! I love making Venn Diagrams, especially when we can use hula-hoops! :-) I've used that Needs vs. Wants freebie with my kinders too, and it really does help them to see the difference between the two!
    Thank you so much for linking up for Spotlight Saturday and sharing such great resources with us!
    Have a wonderful week and a great start to the new school year!!

    Kindergarten Dragons


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