TpT Las Vegas 2015


This is my first year heading to Las Vegas for ITeachK and TpT. Last year, I watched from afar and tried to suppress my jealousy. This year, when I started my TpT store, I talked to family, and together, we made it happen. My mom took my kids for the week, Ben's mom took his kids for the week, and he and I took off. There's a lot going on at home and it was hard at times to justify coming with everything else going on in the background. But something tells me, this is where I'm supposed to be.

I have heard some amazing speakers, had several Ah-ha! moments, and met some wonderful people. Ben and I have had time for ourselves and seen some awesome things. We flew in Saturday and stayed with family that night. We checked in Sunday afternoon and had plenty of time to get our bearings before the conference began. I spent the first part of the week at ITeachK and the last two at TpT.

First up, let me show you the hotel. This place is insanely pretty and huge. I got lost a couple times.

While we were exploring, we found a candy store. The kids would have lost their minds in there. My youngest loves pizza—he'd eat it everyday. If I had room left in the suitcase I might have bought him one of these gummy pizzas. 

Tuesday was the only day we really explored outside of the Venetian. We went across the street to Treasure Island before going to see Rock of Ages.

That was the day we found a rainbow over our hotel.

Upstairs at the conference center, there were vendors set up everywhere. A+Images, GoNoodle, Educents, Teacher Created Resources, and a hundred others were all there showcasing their stuff. Educents was giving away the bottom t-shirt for free. I almost bought the Real Men shirt for a certain someone, but it wasn't well received. 

Wednesday night was the TpT meet up. Oh my gosh, it was INSANE. There were a thousand people there and tens of thousands of dollars worth of prizes (none of which I won). 

I am not a scream, run, hug, and take a picture with everyone kind of person (although there were several there that were) so I don't have a hundred pictures of teacher celebrities. But I DO have a picture of all the swag I came home with. My stuff started spilling over into Ben's bag cause mine just couldn't take it.

Now go stop by Elementary Entourage to see what everyone did while they were there. I hope to see you there next year!


  1. You were right...SO much fun! I love all the swag you brought home! So glad you got to go to a show! Here's to more fun next year! Wendy 1stgradefireworks 1stgradefireworks

  2. Hi! You did get a lot of swag! I was cracking up flying home on the plane with my big bulletin board set! Teehee! It was a fun time. Glad you and your hubby could enjoy it together!
    Kindergarten Planet

  3. Love the picture of everything you brought back with you!


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