Tell All Tuesday: My Reality Show


Welcome back for Tell all Tuesday, hosted by Teach Talk Inspire and My Day in K. This week's topic: My Life as a Reality Show.

Y'all, I almost sat this one out. I am not a big reality TV watcher, but the last few years, our family would have made for some great TV entertainment. The only name I could think of that really suited our little hot mess here was:

God had a sense of humor when he put this family together. We are a modern day Brady Bunch—he has two kids, I have three. They are 14, 13, 12, 11, and 9. The first three are girls (that's right, three teenage girls), and the younger two are boys (ALL boy). They do keep themselves entertained:

I can't even…

But we go, go, go all the time. In the last four years, we've flown all five kids all over the west coast. They pack their backpacks, we file into the car, head to the airport, and we walk through terminals like ducks—Ben is in the front, the kids fall inline behind him, and I make sure we don't lose anybody at the end. This was our first trip with everyone to San Diego. Look at them being all good and reading at the airport. (This was before they all had phones.)

Now they're bigger and we have teenage drama and attitude, but they get along for the most part. Our biggest issue is someone wearing someone's clothes without asking, or the boys arguing about NOTHING just for the sake of arguing. None of them get mad at each other for long, which is good. But MAN this house is busy. 

Everyone has an extra-curricular activity. When we get home from school, we power through homework while throwing food at kids so we can head to the next game or practice. We had to set up a family communication center (aka a dry erase board) just to keep it all straight. 

And just when we think we're starting to get it all down, something changes. Such is life. I used to be good with lots of new and things to plan for, but I'm getting old (33 is old right? It is to my kids.) and a little boring would be okay for awhile. No financial surprises (unless they're good!), no broken cars, no job changes, no moving, no medical problems, no deaths in the family, no drama. Just routine. And a yearly trip to Vegas for TpT and a vacation or two. I could live with that. 

We're in need of some good surprises. But, through it all, we've gotten pretty good about laughing through the stress. And even when we're driving each other crazy, we're still pretty close-knit. How can you not be with a crew like this:

Dude, the faces…

Anyway, that's our life. What would your reality show be called? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to check out everyone else's stuff too. 


  1. Love your post!! Your family sounds like such a fun time :) The pictures are hilarious! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love your title for your show, you did such a great job!! I too almost sat this one out because I was having such a hard time with it!! You really wrote a great post, I had so much fun reading it! Thank you for sharing so many great pictures with us too!!
    This was such a great read, thank you for sharing! Hope you have an amazing week!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  3. Rachael, loved reading through your post! Your title is great and your family sounds awesome! Looks like you have a great time together. Thanks for taking the time to link up with us. Your reality show is one that I would definitely tune in to watch! :)


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