Teaching with Intention: Chapter 7 Assessment, Reflections, and Next Steps

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Welcome back for chapter 7 of Teaching with Intention. If you're just now joining us, the Kindergarten Smorgasbord organized this amazing summer book study. This week's hosts are Luv My Kinders and Famous in First, and our focus this week is on Assessment, Reflections, and Next Steps.

This chapter was super short, but the big idea is using that out loud thinking from our students as formative assessments to guide our instruction. We use formative assessments all the time, so often we may not even think about it.

Some ways we use formative assessment throughout the day:
  • Conferring
  • Listening in
  • Observing
  • Examining
  • Charting student thinking
  • Reflecting, sharing, and teaching
When we have all this info from our students, we are able to figure out which way to go next. Do we need to go back and reteach? Do we need to move more quickly? Did we miss a key point? By observing and talking with our students we can make those adjustments quickly. 

This is why I love guided reading and guided math. I can quickly figure out which students have mastered certain skills and which still need practice. For those that are rocking and rolling with a certain concept, I can dig deeper with them and challenge them to go farther. For those that are still working on a skill, I can provide more support. 

When reflecting on a lesson, ask yourself two questions:
  1. What did I learn from my students during the workshop?
  2. Where do I/we need to go next with our learning? 
Once you have those questions answered, you'll be able to prepare for the next step.

Be sure to stop by next week for empowerment strategies. 


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