Spotlight Saturday (7/4/15)


Happy Saturday! If you're new to Spotlight Saturday, this is where we highlight some amazing products or ideas to use in the classroom. 

In honor of the summertime and the fact that we have the whole summer off to ourselves (cough, cough)… 

…I thought I'd share some amazing guided reading tools. These take a little time to prep and make ready, so get 'em now while there's still time. 

First off, this set of writing strips is A-MAZ-ING. Tara West hit the nail on the head with these. I bought the bundled set so they grow with my littles. They're totally worth every penny and the kiddos loved them. 

My next purchase will be set 2.

Another favorite are these phonics flip books from Reagan Tunstall. There are several mini-books that cover letter sounds, blends, digraphs, word endings, chunks, and long and short vowel sounds. These are perfect for kindergarten and first grade classrooms. 


These are some of my favorite tools for guided reading. What are yours?  

Stop by Kindergarten Dragons and see what other great resources are out there. And have a Happy 4th of July. 


  1. These are such great tools for guided reading groups! Thank you so much for sharing about them, I'm definitely adding them to my Wish List!!
    For guided reading I have used Deanna Jump's 'Guided Reading 101' bundle. I love the different strategy posters included! :-)
    Thank you so much for linking up for Spotlight Saturday, I loved learning about these products!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  2. Definitely just added the writing strips to my wishlist! What a GREAT idea! Perfect for an independent center or word work. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I highlighted one of your products in my Spotlight Saturday post. Thanks!!

  3. I love this idea! I pretty much love everything Tara West does- her close reading bundle has made up the bulk of my team's curriculum this year. Thanks for sharing- I'll have to check these out!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars

  4. Those products really do look great! Where I work we don't use guided reading so i'm always intrigued to learn more about it as I literally have no idea what it's about!


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