Spotlight Saturday (7/11/15)


Happy Saturday! In case you're just joining us, Spotlight Saturday is where we share some of our favorite resources for the classroom. It's hosted by the creative Erin over at Kindergarten Dragons.

In honor of wedding season (it seems like everyone is getting married, doesn't it?), I wanted to share a couple little resources I use to teach the "QU" team: Crystal's QU Wedding Set and Maria's QU Wedding Set.

As part of our Valentine's Day festivities, we had a wedding for Q and U and the "reception" was our class party. We had a complete ceremony, parents supplied a "wedding cake," and the kids signed in on the guest book. It was so stinkin' adorable. And the best part is is that the kids REMEMBER the rule and recognized it while reading. #partywithapurpose 

Just fyi, if you do purchase these sets, the girl is the Q on one set and the U on the other set, and the same for the boy. I used them both and just went over it with the kids before reading the book and having the ceremony. You can read all about our celebration here. 

Another way we show the love is with this Kindness Pack from A Classroom Full of Smiles. My class (and by class, I mean a small handful of students) struggled with being kind to each other. We had daily manners lessons this year and this was part of it. We talked and wrote about ways to be kind and things we should say more often to each other. There's even Caught Being Kind notes to hand out to recognize great behavior. If you're needing a little extra support next year, try this one out. It's a great conversation starter for great behavior. 

I hope you found some good tools for this upcoming year. Swing by Kindergarten Dragons for some more amazing resources.


  1. Your Spotlight was so great!! I had never before heard of the 'QU wedding', what an incredibly cute idea! I LOVE that your class had a wedding reception for them, and that their time spent at the party helped them in their future reading skills! What a fun and exciting way to learn a tricky phonics skill! I will definitely be checking out that kindness pack too, I always seem to have a handful of kiddos who need to practice being kind!
    Thank you so much for linking up, I had a wonderful time reading your Spotlight! I can't wait to see what you come up with next week!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  2. Love the kindness lessons! The last 2 years I've had groups of MEAN girls, I really want to get them past that! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars

  3. I love the idea of doing the QU wedding for a valentine party. Historically, valentine's day and picture day are not my most successful school days. This seems like so much more fun. Thank you for the ideas and resource links!

  4. Love your Wedding packet! So neat! At my son school they even had a girl and a boy dressed up like bride and groom! It is an adorable idea. I also like your kindness packet! I will keep it in mind!
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