Learn Like a Pirate: Chapter 6 Active Learning

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Hey, there! Welcome back to our Learn Like a Pirate book study, led by the talented Primary Gal. This week, we're on chapter 6: Active Learning.

What is active learning? Doing. Not listening to lectures or passively following along in a book, actually doing.

Solarz gives several examples of lessons that can be done to actively engage students in the learning process:
  • Simulations/reenactments
  • Debates
  • Project-based learning
  • Science projects
  • Technology integrated units
  • Readers theater
In kindergarten, this could mean body spelling or adding motion to sight words, playing games while learning letters and numbers, or a host of other things, basically any way you can get the class up and moving and digging into the material. Active learning + integration + revision = unforgettable educational experiences.

He also gives a strong argument for doing the big projects (think science fair) at school rather than at home. Why? So the kids do it. Not their parents. Not their older siblings. The kids. AND they have to think for themselves. Of course the teacher is there to facilitate and scaffold instruction, but the student is the one producing the work. Think of how much more the kids could get out of big projects like that if they worked with each other rather than letting a parent take it over. Amazing things could happen!

How do you get your kids up and moving during a lesson? Let me know below. 


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