Spotlight Saturday (6/13/15)

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Welcome to Spotlight Saturday! I'm linking up with Kindergarten Dragons for the summer weekly linky highlighting products that have made an impact in the classroom.

Last week, I posted about the Ocean Animals Research pack from First Grade is WienerFUL and my own countdown to summer freebie. You can check it out here.

This week, I'm sharing my go to resource for Work on Writing: The Ultimate Writing Station from Mel D-Seusstastic.

It really has everything: letter writing templates, story papers, Classbook (like Facebook), email papers, postcards, cards for all occasions, interview prompts, graphic organizers, buddy writing papers, poetry papers, bucket filling prompts, song writing papers, lists, newspaper pages, texts, and more. Even a couple cute buntings, color examples of each, and label cards for organization. 

My students LOVED the phones they could "text" each other with. My Miss B couldn't get enough! This is our writing center about halfway through the year: 

Examples were posted with labels identifying each paper choice. We would do one or two together as a class, then post our favorite one on the wall. This set is well worth the purchase! I put originals in a binder and whenever my kiddos ran out of a certain page, I could easily find the one they wanted and make more copies. My kids L-O-V-E-D this set! There are a lot of great resources on TpT, but this is my go-to, year long, resource for writing. It's just perfect!

Another great writing resource I found was this How-To Writing starter set from Tara West.

It's perfect for beginning writers. Each prompt has options with and without pictures, and there are blank templates in the back. I used these as whole class lessons, but they could easily be added to your writing center as well. 

Check in with some of the other bloggers and Kindergarten Dragons to find some more fabulous resources, and join us again next Saturday for another installment of Spotlight Saturday. 

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  1. That Work on Writing Center pack looks AMAZING!! I'm definitely going to go check it out, thank you so much for sharing! I love your idea about using the 'How to Writing Freebie' as a whole group lesson, what a great resource to have for modeling how it should be done!
    Thank you so much for linking up with us for Spotlight Saturday, I really enjoyed reading your Spotlight and now have some new items on my Wish List!! I hope that you have an amazing week!!

    Warmest Wishes,


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