End of the Year Party

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We made it! Party day and graduation is in the books! This is one tired teacher. I didn't sit down once until I drove home. Note to self: wear better shoes next party day. :-/

The littles were adorable in their graduation attire. And they were so much more behaved than during our rehearsals. (Insert Hallelujah chorus here) I tried to get a better picture, but...it just wasn't happening...not today...They were excited to say the least.

After the ceremony, we cleaned the room, chillaxed for a bit, then got our party on. A parent picked up pizzas for us, and another parent brought this awesome cake!

Isn't this adorable?! The kids were so excited! We ate, watched our slide show, ate some more, did classroom awards, ate some more, played outside, and ate some more. Parents were emotional during the slide show and awards, then I started getting emotional, and then the kids started getting excited (did I mention they were excited?). But our last full day of school is done. We have a half day tomorrow and then SUMMER!

How was your class party?


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