Peek at My Week (5/17/15)

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We're finally in the home stretch! We're down to 2.5 weeks of school which means 3 things: 
  1. the kids are crazy wound up excited
  2. there is some kind of special event weekly, if not daily, and
  3. we are doing some majorly fun activities in the classroom.
I love this time of year (other than behavior) because the testing is done (except for report cards) and the kids get let loose a little more than usual. So this week, we're studying ocean animals, learning about journal writing, and reviewing math concepts. 

The ocean animal research pack is from 1st Grade is WienerFUL. There are so many options in this pack to fit the needs of all of your students. I LOVE it! We're using pieces of it for morning work, math review, and research books. It's PERFECT!

The popsicle writing craft is from Miss Kindergarten. Cute and super easy! (I gotta remember to get popsicle sticks!) 

If you've been following our ABC countdown to summer, we're on letters O-S this week. That means orange clothes, picnic in the classroom, quiet day (one can hope right?), rock and roll, and sun and sand. The first 3 are pretty self explanatory. On R day, the kids are dressing as the rock stars they are. And on S day, they can bring a beach towel to lay out on and work like they are at the beach. They may even get a pair of sunglasses to go with it, but shhhh! Don't tell them. :) 

Check out what's going on in everyone else's piece of the world over at Mrs. Willis' Kindergarten. 


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