Peek at My Week (5/11/15)

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Happy Mother's Day! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating the women in your life today!

This upcoming week is a little busy around here. We have Diversity Night on Friday so we'll be gearing up for that, we are testing and reviewing, and we'll be starting our ocean unit that will take us through the next 3 weeks.

We're in the middle of our ABC Countdown to the end of the school year. You can read all about it here. This week is letters J-N. Friday is career day and N day. We're wearing pajamas for Nighttime, but I also found some cute ninja writing things so we'll tie that in too. 

We'll be using this ocean research pack for the next 3 weeks to study oceans and ocean animals. There are a TON of ideas in here. I made an intro to oceans booklet for each kid, an ocean animal research booklet, and printed several other things. This will take you through the entire unit. 1st Grade is Wienerful did an amazing job!

And in gearing up for Diversity Night on Friday, we are going to use the all about books we didn't get to last week (I was out with my son for half the week) to research one of the cultures represented in our classroom before our big Friday night event. 


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