Five for Friday (5/8/15)

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Happy Friday! May Madness is in full swing around here and we're counting down the days till summer vacation. But first, a linky...
My favorite little guy came down with an allergic reaction to something early this week. We're still not sure what caused it but we both took a couple days off till he was all clear. 

But that gave me time to give a few products a face-lift... 

...and to add a few new ones.

We've been working on measurement in our class for a few weeks now and they've got it. They understand length, weight, and capacity, so we added a little area and perimeter fun.

Cara Caroll has this cute 50th day of school set that includes measuring area and perimeter of records (that was a crazy conversation, let me tell ya...), and they were awesome at it!

Yesterday, we measured the area of our hands using Froot Loops. You would have thought we were having a party, they were so excited! And they GOT IT! I have never taught area and perimeter in kinder, but this class is...exceptional. They catch on quickly and want to know more, so we do!

(They're also telling time to the hour, some of them to the quarter hour, and that's not in our TEKS at all.)

Today is field day. It was wet the first part of this week and hasn't dried out at all, so it was (almost all) moved inside. We did that a couple years ago when it was pouring and it was the best field day ever. No one was sunburned or too hot, and everyone was in a great mood at the end. 

This year's was another success! The coaches are amazing, and if there were any other glitches besides the weather, I never would have known. 

Check in with Doodle Bugs Teaching to see what everyone is up to and have a Fabulous Friday!


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