Five for Friday (5/22/15)

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My blog got a facelift!!! I am so excited! I've been waiting soooo long it seems. AND. I. LOVE. IT! Megan did such a great job and she was so easy to work with! 

We're in the second half of our ABC Countdown to summer. This week was letters O-S. We wore orange, had a picnic in the classroom, had a quiet day (yeah...right), wore our rock star gear, and had a sun and sand day. 

When we were all done being quiet (like, lunchtime), we went outside for a little kindergarten Quidditch. We had 3 kids on each end hold up hula hoops for goal posts, one on each side for goalies, and everyone else tried to get the beachball in the hoops. They loved it! At least until the ball went onto the roof. Live and learn, right?

We researched ocean animals this week using this set from 1st Grade is WienerFUL. I hooked them up with books from the library, put together research notebooks, and sent them forward. Thursday, they got in groups, shared their findings, then wrote about their favorite animal of the bunch. 

I LOVE kinder research notebooks. They get so excited about their projects and become wonderful teachers themselves. One of my guys finished presenting and asked his group-mates, "Does anyone have any questions about clown fish?" So stinkin' cute.

We reverted to an old school reading strategy this week called D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read). Now we consider it Read to Self. But the difference is, with D.E.A.R., the teachers also drop everything and read, modeling the love of reading by actually reading to themselves in front of their students. I had a couple students come up to me to talk the first time we tried, and by my telling them I was reading, they stopped and went back to reading themselves. When the timer went off, they wanted more time, every time. They asked for MORE TIME TO READ!!! They like daily 5, but not as much as the whole class reading at the same time. 

Can you find the hidden readers?

We made our Popsicle craftivity today thanks to Miss Kindergarten. They turned out so cute.

And now it's time for my daughters' band party and award ceremony. I'm chaperoning. Wish me luck!

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  1. Congratulations on your new blog design! It looks beautiful. It's so exciting to have a design that you had a hand in creating! Your animal research is too precious, I love how your student asked for more questions. Mine just started their research on Friday so I can't wait to see what more they come up with! Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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