Five for Friday (5/1/15)

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We have 4.5 weeks of school left! This means our ABC Countdown to the end is underway! To see the schedule of how we're celebrating, just click on the picture below.

Yesterday was C for Crazy Socks. This is what I rocked:

And today was D for Dance Party (and a little Drawing, too).

We've been investigating plants for the last few weeks. This week, we dissected them and diagramed the parts.

To say they liked it is an understatement. Even one of my quietest, most well behaved little friends yelled, "DIRT!" and dove right in. 

We also taste tested different parts of plants and recorded whether we liked them or not. We recorded our findings in our flip books.

In writing, we've been working on "How-to" writing. So today, we practiced with this cute craft from Cara Carroll. The littles LOVED it!

But this was my table after....

And during math, we switched things up a bit and instead of our normal math centers, we played games they all know with math skills hidden in them. They thought they got free play. Hehe.

Check out Doodle Bugs Teaching for some more great ideas!

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  1. Hi, Rachael!
    Love those socks! We've been doing an ABC countdown also. It has been a great way to keep the tough kids focused. It gives us something to hold over their heads.

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