Peek at My Week (4/5/15)

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Can you believe it's already April?! APRIL! Next month is MAY! We have two months left of school. 8.5 weeks. 42 days. 8 Fridays. (Not that I'm counting.) OMG where has the year gone?!?! 

This month is all about life cycles of plants and animals. This week's focus is on animals and I'm tying it together with an Eric Carle author study. 

I found these flip books on Teachers Pay Teachers. We're going to work on one a day during writing time this week. We've been working on sequencing and story retell, but some need a little more practice. These will be a perfect compliment for our life cycle unit this week. Friday, we'll finish off our Eric Carle reading responses with this little book. It's not life cycles, but it is Eric Carle, and fun Friday. 

We're going to try something a little different this week in math. We've been doing a whole group question of the day, and we will still warm-up that way, but we are also going to do a question of the day in our math journals. This way students can better draw or write out their thinking. After that, they can go to a math center. 

Science is all about life cycles. Our ladybugs arrived Thursday after school so it will be a surprise for the littles when they get to school Monday.

We're reading books from this series and discussing a life cycle a day. 

Thursday will be craftiest one. We're making this:

Sorry it's not a great picture, but it's super fun to make. In the past, I have cut out all those little circles myself and I was honestly not thrilled about all the cutting again. BUT I found this freebie which makes the whole thing a ton easier! Thank you Kindergarten Rocks! And for frogs, I found this freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers that goes great with the Brown Bear activity on Friday. Total score!

Friday will be the first time we'll be able to go to the computer lab in weeks because of testing and spring break. The littles will watch a Brainpop Jr. video about classifying animals and play the game that goes with it. 

Well, that's our week. Stop by Mrs. Willis' Kindergarten to see what everyone else is doing. What are y'all focusing on this week?


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