Peek at My Week (4/26/15)

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Happy Sunday! We have 27 days of school left and spring fever is REAL y'all! So how do we deal? Lots of reinforcement, lots of hands on, and LOTS and LOTS of movement!

This week is all about plants, capacity, and how to writing. Oh, and our testing window opens TOMORROW. Can you say "busy week?" Ha!

We're supposed to use the Lucy Caulkins paper for how-to writing, but since the copier is possessed not working this week, I'm thinking some folded booklets are in order. I use BrainpopJr. all the time for science and social studies but I haven't used it for writing ever. They have a how-to writing video, so even though we've practiced last week and they're doing amazing with it, we'll watch the video Monday so they can hear it from someone besides me. :-/ Last week, we all wrote the same how-tos for practice, but this week, they will pick their own topics they are experts on to write about. Friday, we'll make "How to Make a Root Beer Float." I found this 50th Day of School unit on TpT and I couldn't resist. 

In science, we're still learning about plants. Last week our focus was on seeds. This week, we'll explore all the plant parts, label them, and eat them. We'll be using resources from my store as well as  pages from this set.

And math is all about capacity. We'll be using a lot of the ideas from The kiddos just love this unit! 

That's our week in a nutshell. The next week is all about finishing our plant unit, finishing our measurement unit, and beginning all about books. And field day is that Friday. It will be a busy couple of weeks!


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