Peek at My Week (4/12/15)

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Happy Sunday! I've been linking up with Mrs. Willis' Kindergarten each week for her Sunday Peek at My Week linky, but I'm wondering...when do you do your planning? Do you wait till Sunday night or do you prefer to have all your plans done the week before? I personally like to be finished with planning in time to make copies or cut things out the week before.

But anyway, here's this week's plans:

We've been learning about animals and life cycles for the last couple of weeks. We're about poetry-ed out, so this week I'm introducing research journals to them. They LOVED doing group research on animals and teaching each other a couple weeks ago, and now they are going to have their own research journals. 

I've printed and bound pages from this set into journals for each of the kids. Then I checked out a TON of books from the library about animals and farms. We're going to use our writing and science/social studies time to learn and write about animals, farms, farmers, tools, etc.

I love this set from 1st Grade is WienerFUL! I was able to print out just what my kinders needed and what I wanted to focus on. And there are TONS of options in the set. Just sayin'. I also found this cute and simple craft from Megan Shea to wrap it all up with on Friday.

In math, we're still working on explaining our thinking. They are pretty good little mathematicians, but they are also needing practice explaining how they got their answers. We're working on a question or two a day in our math journals and showing our work, even if we just did it in our heads.

And that's it. A pretty simple, low-key week. We only have two more weeks of solid teaching before our end of the year testing window opens. After that it's three weeks of testing, two weeks of wrapping up the year, and then summer. Where has the time gone? There is still so much to do!


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