No Worksheet Wednesday (4/1/15)

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We started No Worksheet Wednesday at the beginning of March as a linkup with the Primary Chalkboard. My kids and I love it so much we decided we needed to continue it. 

We started today with my new morning work pack, which I guess is a worksheet, but sentence writing is also a routine part of our day and they FLIP if little things like that are changed.

But we went on to finish our animal research projects. The kids got into four teams and researched different animals. We had bears, fish, frogs, and birds. They had to teach the class what kinds of foods their animals ate, how they moved, where they live, and what kind of covering it has (skin, fur, scales, feathers). 

(Look at them putting their heads together. Think, think, think.)

They went on to present their projects after lunch. They did such a great job with their presentations and they asked to do more just like it. 

For math, I had them all write the room with our Adding Peeps Write the Room Set and then they went to math centers.

This is our newest addition to our math centers. 

(This guy says it's easy, but he loved it.)

So that was our day in a nutshell. Tomorrow is our Friday and it's going to be jam packed. Check back tomorrow evening with a recap of all our crazy adventures.


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