Hoppy Easter!

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Happy Easter, y'all! We are off for Good Friday so today was our "not Easter, Easter fun day."

There was some jelly bean adding...

...and the annual egg drop.

(A flying pig. Get it?)

We had some science Peep fun...

...and made some play dough with our peeps.

 It was...interesting. So we wrote all about it.

And since we couldn't do a traditional Easter egg hunt, we had a sight word hunt instead. 

I posted our word cards and gave them 10 minutes to find as many words as they could. They LOVED it. 

We followed with cupcakes for a birthday and it was time to go home. I even got a bunch of groans when it was time to leave because they were having so much fun. 

I can't wait for next week's adventures. Check out what the plans are on Sunday when we link up with Mrs. Willis' Kindergarten. 

What do y'all do for Easter?


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