Five for Friday (4/17/15)


Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a fabulous week! Mine was unbelievable! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the weekly Five for Friday linky. 

We've studied animals and life cycles these last few weeks. This week, the kids researched farms and farm animals and taught their friends about their findings. They loved their Farm Journals we worked in to keep track of our information. We studied types of farms, tools farmers use, farm vocabulary, and all different types of farm animals.

Our ladybugs had some escapees this week. After corralling them, we released them outside, but not before naming them and saying goodbye to each one. 

And you can't take a bunch of kids outside in the spring without coming back in with a handful of freshly picked wildflowers.

Our campus finally got a set of iPads we share among grade levels. This Tuesday was only our 2nd time to get to use them. Most of them have used iPads or smartphones so they know more about them than I do, but each of them are going through "training" before getting to use it somewhere other than the guided reading table. Any suggestions for apps are greatly appreciated!

My kinder babies were asking about Power Point since I use it for part of calendar time and math time, so when we went to computer lab today, I showed them a few basics and let them have at it. They were so proud of themselves and the simple slides they created. :)

She found shapes and figured out how to change their color on her own.

She changed the background and wrote, "I love Ms. Coe."

I've posted before about some big changes coming our way. We've had a couple HUGE pushes this week so we'll see where that takes us. Sorry for the cryptic-ness, but I'll post more details when some things are final. 

I hope you had an unbelievable week and check out Doodle Bugs Teaching to see what everyone else is up to.


  1. You students learning ppt is so sweet. My 2nd grade daughter is like that: show me how to do that, mom? They want to learn the things we do on the computer.
    Kovescence of the Mind

  2. You had me laughing with your ladybug escapees!
    I love seeing little ones taking notes. I don't know why. I guess it's because it's something I associate with a college student. Anyway, it's just so cute!

    Made with Love


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