Five for Friday (4/10/15)

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Happy Friday! Today was a good day. It wasn't perfect, 'cause how can you put 20 people in one room all day and not have someone having something going on, but it was good overall.

We had inside recess today. The 20 minutes it rained all day just happened to be during our recess time. BUT, my kids are so flexible that even after we had jackets on and were all lined up and another teacher announced the rain predicament, they still were great at inside playtime. We really just have a second social centers time, but that's what they really wanted anyway.

Yesterday we did a little spring cleaning in the classroom. You know, getting stray crayons out from under the bookshelves, straightening up the centers, moving a couple things around. With 18 sets of hands, it was all done in less than 10 minutes and they were so proud of themselves. We had the library tucked into a corner and I was becoming claustrophobic just looking at it. We moved it to the big carpet area and turned one bookshelf and it made all the difference. The room looks so much more open now. 

I was getting restless this week and started already working on my summer to do list. Has anyone else already started thinking about big projects yet, or am I the only one? How soon is too soon?

We had a little discussion today about cause and effect. Not as part of a read aloud, but in real life. What happens if you leave the cap off the marker or glue stick? What happens if your practice reading at home? What happens if you go outside with just socks on? Who makes those choices? Who is responsible for the consequences of those choices? We talked about both good choices and bad choices and how consequences can be either good or bad depending on the choice. We've been working especially hard on empowering a couple kiddos. Most of my class has this stuff down, but a handful are still sorting this whole choice and consequences thing out.

And finally, the countdown to summer and the ITeachK conference!

I love my kinders and will worry about them and miss them terribly over the summer. But I can't wait to sleep past 5:30am regularly again. :-/ Spring fever is setting in and we are all getting a little antsy.

Check in and see what everyone else is up to over at Doodlebugs Teaching.   

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  1. I love how organized you are! Your classroom looks so neat! I haven't started working on my Summer To Do list yet. That reminds me ... how close we are to the end of the year! Oh, my!

    Classroom in Paradise


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