Wordless Wednesday (4/29/15)


Happy Wednesday! I'm linking up with Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice for the weekly Wordless Wednesday!

This is how we left today:

At least they're sorted by color.

What kind of quirky things do your littles do?

Countdown to Summer!

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The countdown to the last day of school is on! Starting tomorrow, we have 26 days left. This means our ABC Countdown begins!

For the last couple of years, we counted down the last 10 days or so of school. It was fun, but I LOVE using the alphabet to review as part of our countdown. If you'd like a copy, just click on the picture. You can also download the parent letter I'll be using as well. 

I hope this helps! What do you do for your end of the year countdown?

Peek at My Week (4/26/15)

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Happy Sunday! We have 27 days of school left and spring fever is REAL y'all! So how do we deal? Lots of reinforcement, lots of hands on, and LOTS and LOTS of movement!

This week is all about plants, capacity, and how to writing. Oh, and our testing window opens TOMORROW. Can you say "busy week?" Ha!

We're supposed to use the Lucy Caulkins paper for how-to writing, but since the copier is possessed not working this week, I'm thinking some folded booklets are in order. I use BrainpopJr. all the time for science and social studies but I haven't used it for writing ever. They have a how-to writing video, so even though we've practiced last week and they're doing amazing with it, we'll watch the video Monday so they can hear it from someone besides me. :-/ Last week, we all wrote the same how-tos for practice, but this week, they will pick their own topics they are experts on to write about. Friday, we'll make "How to Make a Root Beer Float." I found this 50th Day of School unit on TpT and I couldn't resist. 

In science, we're still learning about plants. Last week our focus was on seeds. This week, we'll explore all the plant parts, label them, and eat them. We'll be using resources from my store as well as  pages from this set.

And math is all about capacity. We'll be using a lot of the ideas from KindergartenKindergarten.com. The kiddos just love this unit! 

That's our week in a nutshell. The next week is all about finishing our plant unit, finishing our measurement unit, and beginning all about books. And field day is that Friday. It will be a busy couple of weeks!

Five for Friday (4/25/15)


OMG! What a week! It seems like this time of year is jam packed with exciting events and testing. If only we had time to sneak a nap in there! Sorry this post is pretty random, but that's how our week has pretty much been.

Spring fever has kicked in and we've had to review expectations much more often than normal. We reread How Full is Your Bucket? and made a new anchor chart on how to be a bucket filler. We've had some bucket dipping lately and needed a refresher.

This week we integrated fairy tales into our plant and measurement units. Jack and the Beanstalk was an obvious choice. But we also made Rapunzel in a castle and measured her hair with snap cubes. They LOVED this activity and some of the hair do's were a little...um...lengthy...and messy. (You can read more about our fairy tale unit here.)

We're studying the -ing spelling pattern with a little King of -Ing fun. We even added a little bling to our -Ing crowns. I'm still finding sequins in caddies, but the littles are so excited to find "ing" everywhere. :)

The "big kids" had three days of state testing so we had three days of torture quiet time. When you have no specials and quiet recess, you have to get creative with playtime. So, in addition to our regular centers, we created with scrap paper I found in the closet and built towers with cups. They were focused on building and creating for a solid hour, which made having no specials/planning time much more manageable.

Thursday morning, we pulled out writing notebooks and practiced writing silly sentences with a little set I picked up at Half Price Books last year. They thought the sentences were hysterical and protested putting them up. 

And that's our wacky week. I'm so glad it's Friday. We only have a handful of weeks left of school and our testing window opens on Monday. Thanks for stopping by and check out what everyone else is up to over at Doodle Bugs Teaching. Have a great weekend.

Five for Friday (4/17/15)


Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a fabulous week! Mine was unbelievable! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the weekly Five for Friday linky. 

We've studied animals and life cycles these last few weeks. This week, the kids researched farms and farm animals and taught their friends about their findings. They loved their Farm Journals we worked in to keep track of our information. We studied types of farms, tools farmers use, farm vocabulary, and all different types of farm animals.

Our ladybugs had some escapees this week. After corralling them, we released them outside, but not before naming them and saying goodbye to each one. 

And you can't take a bunch of kids outside in the spring without coming back in with a handful of freshly picked wildflowers.

Our campus finally got a set of iPads we share among grade levels. This Tuesday was only our 2nd time to get to use them. Most of them have used iPads or smartphones so they know more about them than I do, but each of them are going through "training" before getting to use it somewhere other than the guided reading table. Any suggestions for apps are greatly appreciated!

My kinder babies were asking about Power Point since I use it for part of calendar time and math time, so when we went to computer lab today, I showed them a few basics and let them have at it. They were so proud of themselves and the simple slides they created. :)

She found shapes and figured out how to change their color on her own.

She changed the background and wrote, "I love Ms. Coe."

I've posted before about some big changes coming our way. We've had a couple HUGE pushes this week so we'll see where that takes us. Sorry for the cryptic-ness, but I'll post more details when some things are final. 

I hope you had an unbelievable week and check out Doodle Bugs Teaching to see what everyone else is up to.

Wordless Wednesday

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Happy Wednesday! We made it!

I'm linking up with Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday!

Our campus just got iPads we share among the grade levels. What are your favorite apps for school?

Peek at My Week (4/12/15)

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Happy Sunday! I've been linking up with Mrs. Willis' Kindergarten each week for her Sunday Peek at My Week linky, but I'm wondering...when do you do your planning? Do you wait till Sunday night or do you prefer to have all your plans done the week before? I personally like to be finished with planning in time to make copies or cut things out the week before.

But anyway, here's this week's plans:

We've been learning about animals and life cycles for the last couple of weeks. We're about poetry-ed out, so this week I'm introducing research journals to them. They LOVED doing group research on animals and teaching each other a couple weeks ago, and now they are going to have their own research journals. 

I've printed and bound pages from this set into journals for each of the kids. Then I checked out a TON of books from the library about animals and farms. We're going to use our writing and science/social studies time to learn and write about animals, farms, farmers, tools, etc.

I love this set from 1st Grade is WienerFUL! I was able to print out just what my kinders needed and what I wanted to focus on. And there are TONS of options in the set. Just sayin'. I also found this cute and simple craft from Megan Shea to wrap it all up with on Friday.

In math, we're still working on explaining our thinking. They are pretty good little mathematicians, but they are also needing practice explaining how they got their answers. We're working on a question or two a day in our math journals and showing our work, even if we just did it in our heads.

And that's it. A pretty simple, low-key week. We only have two more weeks of solid teaching before our end of the year testing window opens. After that it's three weeks of testing, two weeks of wrapping up the year, and then summer. Where has the time gone? There is still so much to do!

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