No Worksheet Wednesday (3/4/15)

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I am happy to announce I have linked up with Primary Chalkboard for the first No Worksheet Wednesday linky in March.

Some simple changes made this awesome, worksheet free day possible. It wasn't hard at all, and it made the atmosphere in the room so much better!

Why are we doing this? This is what Primary Chalkboard had to say:
*We are strong advocates for authentic learning experiences within the classroom.
*We know hands-on, active learning is critical to our students' development.
*We believe that learning activities that promote THINKING are the most powerful activities we can provide for our students.
*We want to showcase and promote these types of activities for our followers! :)
*We understand there is a time and a place for worksheets in the classroom. However, we know worksheets are just one part of our classrooms, so lets put a spotlight on the other parts of our rooms! :) :) :)

We started with a little tweak to our morning work. Normally, they would work on a cut and paste or dry erase activity first thing when they come in. But today, I put butcher paper down on the table and gave them some guidelines: math related drawings, complete with number sentences, adding or subtracting, and working with a table partner to come up with word problems. This is what they came up with:

They subtracted houses, flowers, suns, and dots to name a few. And they were focused the whole time.

It's Dr. Seuss week and we read the cat in the Hat during writing time. After, we made lists of word families and wrote them on our Cat in the Hat hats. Isn't he cute?

For math, we made bracelets to help us add and subtract, then used them in our math centers.

We had inside recess AGAIN. I found this guy later. I love my girls. 

In science, we made soil layers using cereal:

And then, we couldn't do the Cat in the Hat without Thing 1 & 2 hair.

I love these crazy kids! If you haven't had a worksheet free Wednesday yet, I hope you decide to try it. We will most definitely be keeping this up. 

And there's no better way to follow a Worksheet free Wednesday than by having the FIRST SNOW DAY OF THE YEAR!!! That's right. We haven't had ANY snow here in central Texas this winter, but the districts have already canceled school for tomorrow. Woo hoo!  I mean, I will miss my kiddos terribly and can't wait to see them again on Friday. But Ahhh, a day to sleep. :) My nerves are calming as we speak. :)

Find out how everybody else's worksheet free day went by checking out Primary Chalkboard's linky

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  1. Oh I'm just loving these activities!!! Thank you so much for linking up, your day looked awesome!


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