Peek at My Week (3/29/15)

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Welcome back for another fabulous Peek at My Week! This week is a short week AND it's the first two days of testing for the "big kids." This means we have to be quiet for TWO DAYS! BLEH! Sooooooo....we have lots of quiet fun things to do to keep us from all loosing our minds engaged.

In writing this week, we'll be doing this directed drawing from Mrs. Jump's Class, a kite diamante poem, a spring acrostic poem, and a little peeps writing.

Math is more adding and subtracting practice. As part of our celebration for the end of testing, on Wednesday we'll have a little egg hunt and add the jelly beans inside the eggs we find. Our new math centers will be added to the choices this week, too. 

Thursday is the annual egg drop event. The kids are making a holder for their raw egg so that it doesn't crack when dropped. The principal gets the tallest ladder we have and drops each of the 150 kinder kid creations off the top and, when we're ALL done, we go back to the class to graph which ones made the grade and which didn't. It's always a fun mess. 

We'll be extending our living and nonliving unit to include other animal things. The kids are going to get in groups be grouped and will be given a type of animal (birds, bears, fish, frogs) to research. They'll have Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday to work on it and then teach the class what they learned at the end of science on Wednesday. 

Thursday is all about peeps. One of my girls asked for play dough of every color, so we'll be making peeps play dough. We'll also paint a (printed) peep with puffy paint and explore peeps with my newest science investigation set.

It's going to be a short but super busy week, and full of so much fun. Our ladybugs should be in soon, too. I can't wait to get them started!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to see what everyone else is up to over at Mrs. Willis' Kindergarten. 


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