Peek at My Week (3/22/15)

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Happy Sunday y'all! I hope everyone is having a happy and restful weekend! We've been on spring break all week and I'd like to say we've had plenty of time to rest, but really, I just got caught up on everything I was behind in. Maybe by summer I can get some R & R time...

Anyway, back to school means a busy last couple months! We'll be starting life cycles and plants here soon, but we're starting with defining and sorting living and nonliving things.

We're starting Monday with 2nd Step (our weekly social skills lesson). Since we're coming back from a week off, I suspect we're going to need it. 

In writing this week, we'll be reading Fancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinaire and reviewing the different types of poems.

We'll be focusing on acrostics most of the week and creating our Rainbow Name-bows.

We've been trying to make our "I wish" poems for weeks now and just haven't been able to get to it (last Friday, oratorical took the place of writing time). Hopefully this Friday will be the day!

In math, we have several new centers, and we'll be reviewing how to play some of the ones that are still there. ('Cause they forget ya know...) We're still working on adding and subtracting, so all week we'll be doing pages from The Moffatt Girls Spring Math and Literacy Pack.

Some of our math centers are: 

(I'll take pictures of some of my homemade games and add those soon.)

We'll also be playing several games from my store:

For science this week, we're defining, sorting, and exploring living and nonliving things. We'll intro it Monday with Sesame Street's Your Alive Video. 

Then we'll define and sort living and nonliving pictures. 

Tuesday is our science lab day. One of my awesome teammates found this pack from First Grade WOW. We'll be comparing and contrasting living worms and nonliving (gummy) worms. We'll go on a nature walk to find living and nonliving things and make a digital collage of each. And the same teammate found a checklist for figuring out if something is living or not. I have no idea where she found it, but I'll post pictures soon.

Daily 5 is pretty much the same from week to week. I added a few new pages for Stick Words and a word search to Word Work. I need to copy some more writing pages for Work on Writing, but everything else is done. (I had a dream my class library got an overhaul while I had a sub in my room. I guess I've been thinking of my library a lot lately...)

And for hanging out till the end, here's a little freebie for your math groups or centers!


It's going to be a busy week around here! What are y'all focusing on this week?

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