No Worksheet Wednesday

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Welcome back for another thrilling episode of No Worksheet Wednesday! I'm linking up with The Primary Chalkboard to share the ways we deviate from traditional worksheets in our classroom. The goal is to create more hands on learning experiences for our students.

For morning work I threw down some butcher paper on their tables. We are working on living and nonliving things, so the  kids drew and labeled examples of each on their butcher paper. I forgot to get a clear shot of this, but you can see some of it in the next pics.

In writing, we began our Rainbow Name-bows yesterday so we continued to work on those today.

In math, we played this game from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The kids picked 2 cards. We rolled the +/- dice to see if we would add or subtract, then wrote the number sentence and carried out the operation. We did 8 rounds of it (while I had a walk-through!) and the kids did awesome!

Then they moved into math centers. (You can see some of their living and nonliving drawings on the butcher paper.)

For this center, I made a roll and cover with deviled egg holders and little chick erasers from the dollar spot at Target. I wrote the numbers 2-12 in the egg spots and the kids roll the dice and put a chick on the number that they roll. The first one to fill up their game board wins.

To continue our living/nonliving exploring, we went on a nature walk to find examples of each. We took pictures of the examples we found with these signs:

 We started off great:

 (The flower is alive.)

Do you see the cutie in the background posing?

(The rock is not.)

(The tree is alive.)

And then we got silly:

 (Still at the tree...)

 (The building is not alive.)

(The railing is not alive.) 

 (The ladybug is alive.)

(The flower is alive.)

After this post, I'm going to put all our pictures into a power point for them to review tomorrow. I think they've got this living/nonliving thing down. 

After that was Daily 5 and specials. When they came back from the gym, we read part of Junie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket. One little friend fell asleep and the rest played in social centers. And that was the end of the day.  

I have to say, I LOVE No Worksheet Wednesday. It does take a little creativity in lesson planning, but no more time than normal. I am definitely going to keep doing this through the rest of the year. Several of my littles get very excited about it. It's also the day our whole class goes to PE together (the rest of the days they are split for specials) so that makes it extra exciting. :) 

Check out how everyone else's No Worksheet Wednesday went down over at The Primary Chalkboard and join us again next Wednesday for some more outside the worksheet fun!


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