No Worksheet Wednesday

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Welcome back for the 2nd round of No Worksheet Wednesday! I'm linking up with The Primary Chalkboard to share ideas about how to incorporate learning with going straight to worksheets.

I am cheating a little bit this week and we had our worksheet free day on Tuesday. We did start the day with a pencil and paper activity, but it was writing and creating our cowboys and cowgirls for our rodeo day. Sorry it's a little hard to see. The writing prompt says, "If I were a Cowboy or Cowgirl, I would _____" and they colored their boys and girls. 

We then had our musical performance and they were SO CUTE! There were several new songs on the lineup this year, but the cutest ones from the last few years still made the cut. :)

When the performance was over and parents were done with photos, we had just enough time for recess, snack, and a quick dose of calendar time before beginning our rodeo rotations. Each class had a different station setup. We had face painting, horseshoe toss, digging for gold, barrel racing, lasso lessons, line dancing, and sheep shearing. 

My class does the sheep each year and it's not as crazy as you might imagine. We watch Boundin' by Pixar and talk about what sheep shearing is. (This is the computer image, I couldn't get it to look right when I took the picture from the big screen.) 

Then I gave each of the kids a laminated picture of a sheep, some shaving cream, and half a Home Depot gift card. 

The kids then get to "shear" their sheep with the shaving cream. (Say that five times fast.)

We did four rotations of this, watched Sheriff Callie's Wild Wild West, and read Bubba the Cowboy Prince. 

We had an informal compare/contrast discussion between this book and Cinderella. By that time, my kids were so worn out they started dropping like flies. After specials, we played outside for what seemed like the first time in weeks. Our evening performance of the musical was at 6:30 and I know they were just as tired by then as I was. Today was impossible! They were beside themselves with exhaustion (so were the teachers!).

Check out what everyone else was up to for No Worksheet Wednesday by heading over to The Primary Chalkboard. Have a great day!


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