Five for Friday (3/20/15)

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Happy Friday! I hope everyone is enjoying today and has great plans for relaxation and rejuvenation for the weekend! This week was our spring break. It's dwindling down to just a few days now, but a 3 day weekend for Easter is in sight! I'd like to say I've rested and relaxed this week, but really I just got caught up on all the things I haven't had time to do. 

Sunday, we took my step-kids to their mom's for spring break (one is staying and one is coming back on Sunday). She lives 3 hours away, and on a good week, we meet in the middle. But this means a very full car. Check out the happy camper in the back. 

Yeah, that's how we roll. On the way home, we stopped at a little hole in the wall restaurant in the bustling town of Giddings, TX. (By bustling, I mean population of 5,000.) I wasn't sure about this place but the food was AMAZING! Just like Grandma used to make. Best chicken fried steak and mac and cheese ever! And I NEVER eat chicken fried steak. So if you happen to be driving down HWY 290 in Giddings, stop at Giddings Downtown Restaurant for some awesome home cookin'.

My son finally got his cast off on Monday. That was an adventure for all of us. Up to this point, none of my kids had been broken and in a cast. I was not prepared for the stinky feet this little boy had. Oh. My. Word. I am so happy he is able to take a real bath now. Just sayin'.

But all this time off has given me a chance to work on some things for Teachers Pay Teachers. I have several new additions to my store just in time for spring! 

And a couple of FREEBIES too!

Baseball season is starting, so guess where we'll be 3 days a week till the middle of May. That's right. The ball fields. First game is Tuesday, and it should be nice and warm. This is his 3rd season and things are finally starting to click for him. Yes, I am THAT mom that yells and cheers when her son hits the ball. It's such a rare occasion, we have to celebrate it each time. 

And I finally finished the book study I was working on (You Can't Teach a Class You Can't Manage), the lesson plans for next week(check back on Sunday for a Peek at My Week), AND I found the kitchen table under all this clutter! (I've been looking for that for weeks)

Next up, deep cleaning the house, more TpT, and updating my teaching portfolio. 

What's on your agenda?

Check out what everyone else is up to over at Doodlebugs Teaching and have a happy Friday!

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  1. You sure have some cute products. And obviously a very busy life - I totally understand. And Baseball season is very important to us too. I found your blog through the linkup and you have some cute products and a very cute blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips


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