Five for Friday (3/13/15)


Happy Friday the 13th y'all! Did your Friday live up to it's name? Mine sure did!

We had Rodeo day this week, complete with 2 musical performances and 4 rotations of rodeo type stuff. It was a blast, but needless to day, we were ALL exhausted for the next two days! You can read all about that here

Our Friday the 13th really felt like it this time! I had one student home sick, one left sick, and two complained about being sick. Three came in super tired and cranky and one left early. Everyone else was way excited about spring break, Oratorical, St. Patrick's Day festivities, and the Fun Run during specials. I was afraid we wouldn't get anything done today, but we really finished everything! Even with all the crankiness and silliness. :)

We also had computer lab time today. They had their choice of Starfall, BrianpopJr., PBSKids, or Seussville. They did a fantastic job and it. was. so. quiet.... I think I even heard the angels sing....

We did this awesome directed draw today for St. Patti's Day and they LOVED it. A couple had a hard time following directions in general, but most of them were awesome!

And's Spring Break!!!! I cannot tell you how excited this makes me. Of course, I have a to-do list already started of things that just HAVE to get done this week, but R & R is definitely on the list! 

When is your spring break? What plans do you have?

Check out what others are up to over at Doodlebugs Teaching! And have a great Friday!


  1. Happy Spring Break! Mine isn't until April 6-10. Love your St Patrick's day directed drawings.

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  2. Have a great spring break! Mine isn't for another 2 weeks!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten


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