Celebrating the Spring in Our Step Linky and Giveaway!


So I was contacted about this Spring Birthday/Milestone Celebration Linky by the amazing Lisa at PAWSitively Teaching, and I started thinking about all the milestones I have achieved this year. I honestly don't know where to begin...

I opened a Teachers Pay Teachers store in the middle of January. 

I went to my first blogger meet-up at the end of January where I met some amazing people! It was a huge deal for me to walk into a room of people I didn't know personally, especially as the new kid on the blog. I didn't stay long, but I am very appreciative of the friendly faces that were there and made me feel welcome. 

We've had some huge changes at home as well. I won't go into too much detail, but I am excited to see where the future takes us. 

February 1st, I made my first sale! (I got the email while I was out to lunch with my family. I think I made a scene with all the excitement that came with it!)

Shortly after, I registered for the TpT and the ITeachK conferences in Las Vegas this summer. I can't begin to express how excited I am to go! I spent a good chunk of my spring break working on new products and I can't wait to get more tips and tricks to make them even better!

Spring in our town means lots of bluebonnets...

and Deutschen Pfest. This is the town's annual heritage festival. (Our town name starts with "Pf" so anytime ANYTHING starts with "F," we throw a "P" in front. It's a little wacky, but it's tradition.)

It has been nerve racking at times with everything going on, and keeping up with everyone's schedules has been a beast, (we have kids in baseball, soccer, track, band, after school tutoring, and soon to be swim) but I have been working long and hard on letting go and letting God. He has great plans for us and Lord knows I can't do it without Him. 

Like I said earlier, I spent most of spring break working on new resources. You can check them out below. Just click on any of the images below to go straight to the store.

I said I was busy... ;)

And a couple little freebies for you:

Whew! That was a lot! Thanks for sticking around to the end and be sure to register for one of the prizes below! Be sure to follow my store so you can stay posted on what's new and happening! Have a great day!

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  1. Good for you for going to those conferences! I will be in full back to school mode at that time, so I'm sad I can't go! Thank you so much for sharing all of your hard work and ideas, and for joining us in the giveaway! :)

  2. I can't go to the TPT conference this year, but I wish I could! It always looks like so much fun. I am going to a blogger meet up in April and I am so nervous. {It's my first one.} Your products look like so much fun!

    1. Relax and enjoy it. Embrace the journey. I was a wreck at my first one, too, but you live and learn. Hopefully the 2nd one will be easier. :-/


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